Trainings for Seasoned Organizers

Are you interested in cutting-edge techniques and technology? If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, check out this sampling of trainings for more seasoned organizers!

Advanced Digital Organizing

Topic Training
Digital Ads Creative Digital Advertising for Advocacy and Politics
Email Advanced Emailing for Progressive Change: Don’t be a Dumpster Fire
Email Cutting Through Inbox Clutter with Mobile-First Email Design
Facebook The Facebook Algorithm: Friend, Not Enemy
Design Infographics for Social Change: How to Tell Compelling Visual Data Stories
Design Building Story-Shifting GIFs
SEO Using SEO for Social Change, Profit and Fame
Social Listening Social Listening Matters: How Understanding the National Conversation Will Help Us Win in 2018
Strategy F**k Petitions: How to Do Principled and Personalized Digital Work in an Increasingly Crowded Online Space
Strategy The Darkest Web: What’s Next on the Internet and How To Prepare
Testing Beyond A/B Testing: Upping Your Digital Analytics Game
Security Lock It Up: How to Secure Your Website Against the Internet’s Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy



Topic Training
Communication Don’t Fear the Black Activist: How to Communicate without Anti-Blackness
Crisis Comms Every Hour Counts: A Crisis Simulation for Comms Staffers
Messaging Phenomenal Policy Knowledge, Itty Bitty Twitter Space: Using Digital Media to Communicate Complex Ideas Simply
Messaging Unifying our Progressive Story: A Narrative to Unite Working People Across Race
Storytelling A Wrinkle in Time: Using Pop Culture Stories to Mobilize and Organize Communities
Video Eyes on ICE: Using Video to Expose Immigration Abuses and Advocate for Immigrant Rights


Grassroots Activism & Campaigns

Topic Training
Fundraising Progressive Donors: What Motivates Them and How to Reach Them
GOTV Everything You Know about Voter Turnout is Wrong
GOTV How to Persuade and GOTMFV Online for Down-Ballot Races
Voter Engagement From the Doorstep to the Ballot Box: Engaging, Mobilizing and Activating Communities of Color to Win


Movement Health & Operations

Allyship Defining the Work: Tools to Address White Supremacy Culture
Diversity Empowering the Largest Minority Group: Diversity Outreach to People with Disabilities
Hiring Tech=Power: How to Find Good Tech People and Get Them to Do What You Want
Security Ratf**ked: Protecting Your Org from Rightwing Infiltration
Harassment Pivoting from a Toxic Progressive Workplace
Harassment Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Progressive Value: How to End it in Your Organization

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