Advanced Emailing for Progressive Change: Don’t be a Dumpster Fire

Advanced Emailing for Progressive Change: Don’t be a Dumpster Fire

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Advanced Online Organizing

Starts: Friday, Aug. 3 1:00 PM (Central)

Ends: Friday, Aug. 3 2:15 PM (Central)

Room: R02

Email is THE most powerful one-to-many communications channel available to progressive organizers. Done right, it delivers a powerful message for your candidate or cause, raises huge sums of money and mobilizes volunteers quickly and cheaply. Done wrong, it annoys your supporters, breeds negativity and breaks trust—or just goes to spam folders and is ignored. Come learn how your program can sparkle with best practices, grow your supporters’ engagement, and max out your ability to fundraise. I’ll share lessons learned from more than 13 years experience managing email programs for CREDO, Bernie 2016, NextGen, and Mozilla—and discuss with you where email is going over the next few years.


Will Easton


Will currently directs fundraising and email strategy for the Mozilla Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting an Internet for people, not for profit. Previously, Will served as the Director of Email Engagement for the Bernie 2016 campaign and as a Senior Manager for CREDO Mobile and CREDO Action. Will holds a Masters in Nonprofit Administration from the University of San Francisco, enjoys homebrewing, and is a long-time volunteer with Netroots Nation.

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