Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Progressive Value: How to End it in Your Organization

Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Progressive Value: How to End it in Your Organization

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Movement Health & Operations

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 2 11:30 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 2 12:45 PM (Eastern)

Room: R07

None of us should ever have to say #MeToo about our experiences at work—especially if we work for progressive organizations—but too many of us have stories about sexual harassment, assault and other inappropriate behaviors from our time in progressive organizations, companies and campaigns. In this training, learn how to speak up in the moment if you experience harassment. We’ll also talk about bystander intervention techniques and how to get your workplace to take this issue seriously.


Robyn Swirling

Robyn Swirling

After more than a decade of working in progressive organizing, Robyn Swirling founded Works in Progress to build safer and more equitable workplaces across our movement through campaigning, researching, and providing technical assistance to progressive organizations and companies. Robyn has worked within the progressive movement as an organizer, communicator, trainer, and storyteller, including roles with the National Education Association, Action Network, Advocates for Youth, and several electoral campaigns. Robyn is committed to ending the stigma associated with women’s experiences and bodies, in particular, and writes and speaks frequently regarding sexual assault, abortion, and physical manifestations of trauma.

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