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Our 2020 sessions have not yet been developed and selected. To get an idea of what types of sessions you can expect, browse our interactive agenda from 2019 below.

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Sheroes Reception: A Celebration of Women of Color

Please join Philadelphia Councilmember Helen Gym, New American Leaders Action Fund and She the People in Philadelphia for a welcome reception to kick off Netroots 2019. Lenfest Plaza at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Broad and Cherry Streets). Light hors d’oevres and drinks provided.
RSVP is required.

Thursday Morning Yoga

As activists we often get caught up in the perception of progress through busy-ness and neglect the necessity of health, balance, focus and calm. Our morning flow will ground your day in peace and clarity before diving into the business/busy-ness of the conference. We’ll do light stretching, joint mobility enhancements, breathing and relaxation exercises to begin your day the right way.

Led by: Reggie Hubbard

How Primaries Build Power and Transform What is Possible

Thu 9am: How Primaries Build Power and Transform What is Possible

How Primaries Build Power and Transform What is Possible

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Join campaigners who are supporting grassroots movements engaged in primary work across the country. Let’s talk about some lessons learned in 2018 and talk through the opportunities we should expand upon during this major cycle—up and down the ballot. Hear these organizers share learnings about primaries, power and gains made across races in Florida, Georgia, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin, Massachusetts and New York. The panelists represent a mix of primary engagement efforts on different levels of the ballot and all types of primaries, challengers and open, national, local and statewide efforts that were and are important to re-shifting power in ways that decenter whiteness and money.

Led by: María Urbina

Panelists: Dwight Bullard, Alexandra "Alex" Rojas, Natalia Salgado, Nelini Stamp

Young Women of Color Winning Elections

Young, elected women of color speak to the role that racism and sexism played throughout their campaigns. Each panelist will tell her story about personal and systemic challenges they faced as they mounted successful, grassroots-driven bids for public office and share potential solutions, including how activists can support individual candidates as well as the broader movement to help more women of color win their first elections, reelections, and runs for higher office. Panelists will bring diverse perspectives from across the country on how they dealt with the intersectionality of racism and sexism in every aspect of their campaigns, from the decision to run for office to raising money and dealing with institutional supporters and allies.

Led by: Lizet Ocampo

Panelists: Sammi Brown, Elora Diaz, Anna Eskamani, Summer Lee

Democracy is Dying: How Do We Right the Ship of Democracy?

No greater modern threat exists to modern American democracy than the administration of Donald Trump. Daily chips and cracks are evident in our democracy—suppression of the vote; appointments of lower court and Supreme Court judges with little to no regard to the law—evident the slow death of the laws that guide and undergird our republic. We aren’t laying down during this moment—progressive patriots are championing the ideals that present an America that is just and good and provides equitable opportunity for all. That fight is evident in the push for impeachment, the lawsuits against unfair elections and the movement to restore the vote to returning citizens.

Led by: Jamiah Adams

Panelists: Nathaly Arriola, Abed Ayoub, Aquene Freechild, Colin Hicks

Building an LGBTQ+ Movement for Economic Justice

For too long, despite growing poverty rates among LGBTQ people, large mainstream LGBTQ organizations have not yet prioritized economic justice issues. Similarly, economic justice organizations have historically not prioritized LGBTQ issues. In both sectors, a radical intersectional lens that includes the people of color they are serving has often had to be hard won if won at all. Meanwhile, economic inequality is growing in the United States. Join us to discuss the economic justice movement building that needs to happen and is happening in the LGBTQ community.

Panelists: Andy Bowen, Jerame Davis, Tyrone Hanley, Joan Jones

Racism and the Struggle for Digital Rights

The struggle for the digital rights of communities of color is a central issue in the fight for racial justice. Large corporations and our government are using digital tools that further cement a white racial hierarchy in our society in the pursuit of profits and political power. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google are providing a megaphone for racists to spread hate speech and algorithms that discriminate against people of color. Government agencies are also using the tools of surveillance to criminalize communities of color. Panelists will discuss the actions they are taking to challenge these powerful institutions to ensure the digital sovereignty of communities of color—and what you can do to get involved.

Led by: Joseph Torres

Panelists: Brandi Collins-Dexter, Gaurav Laroia, Cayden Mak, Erin Shields, Devren Washington

Hijabi Power: The Badass Women Fighting Hate

Despite the global rise of Islamophobia, hijabi-wearing leaders like Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar have been fearless in their quest to create a more inclusive, representative democracy. Join us for a panel presentation and discussion on the barriers they’ve encountered and how each of them are creating long-lasting change in their community.

Led by: Zahra Billoo

Panelists: Raaheela Ahmed, Deqa Dhalac, Hodan Hassan

Philly in Charge: How Community Coalitions are Transforming Power Here and Nationwide

Thu 9am: Philly in Charge: How Community Coalitions are Transforming Power Here and Nationwide

Philly in Charge: How Community Coalitions are Transforming Power Here and Nationwide

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

In the poorest big city in America, hundreds of thousands of people are separated by poverty, segregation, and many other forms of oppression. Community organizations that traditionally worked in separate spaces have been coming together to push a vision for a Philly that works for all us, not a few. Come hear the role of coalitions in the election of Larry Krasner and holding him accountable to progressive criminal justice reform, protecting our immigrant community from ICE, and how a group of over 30 organizations is creating a platform to wins demands from City Council ranging from fair funding of public schools to community control of land use.

Led by: Bryan Mercer

Panelists: Kendra Brooks, Rick Krajewski, Nancy Nguyen, Hannah Sassaman, arielle klagsbrun

Basics Bootcamp: Choosing the Best Digital Actions for Your Advocacy

Digital media is great—except when it’s completely overwhelming. From tweetchats to Facebook lives, AMAs to twitterstorms, the menu of options you can pull from when laying out your digital strategy is vast. Mastering the art of choosing a digital action can help you boost your advocacy, strengthen your digital community and educate and motivate people in unique ways. This session will help you get a handle on all of the options for reaching your people through digital media, when to use them, and how to build digital actions into a full digital campaign.

This is a beginner-level training.

Led by: Megan Simons, Bradley Williams

Email Going to Spam? Learn Deliverability from the Experts

You spend so much time writing to your supporters, so it’s a shame when your important messages end up in their spam folder. Join deliverability experts from Twilio SendGrid, the largest email sending company in the world, and Action Network, one of the largest digital toolset providers to the progressive movement, to learn how to ensure your emails get to your activists every time. We will cover how email providers determine what’s spam and what isn’t and how you can adjust your email program to ensure deliverability. You’ll also have a chance to practice these techniques and ask questions to some of the foremost experts in the email deliverability field.

Organizations and campaigns of all sizes will gain value from this training. Digital campaigners with a working knowledge of deliverability are welcome, from absolute beginners to more seasoned veterans.

Led by: Will Boyd, Amy Chin-Lai

How to Text Like a Human Being

As texting explodes in popularity and accessibility, the way you message supporters stands out more than ever. How do you craft interesting, relevant and distinct messages that spur conversation and action? The Hustle team combines our unique experience in the field with advanced machine learning and will teach you how to get the most of your 160 characters while still sounding authentic and genuine. Organize better, fundraise better, communicate better.

This training is for anyone who uses or is interested in using peer-to-peer texting tools.

Led by: Kafia Ahmed, Lloyd Cotler

Freedom of Information! FOIA as a Grassroots Advocacy Tool

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has long been a tool for activists to gain access to government records, but getting the information is only the first step. The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has used FOIA requests and litigation as a tool to support movement and community partners in their advocacy and organizing. Together with one of our partners, Detention Watch Network (DWN), we will go through the basic steps for filing and litigating a FOIA request, and show you how information obtained through FOIA can shape creative and powerful public education and advocacy campaigns.

This training is open to anyone working on social justice issues—especially those working on immigrant rights, prison and detention issues. No experience working with FOIA is needed.

Led by: Ian Head, Mary Small

Fundraising 101: Donor Research and Baller Asks

Improving your fundraising is critical, whether you’re running a small grassroots campaign or running for office. Our exercise-based curriculum will help you learn hands-on how to research donors and ask for money more effectively. And when progressives can raise more grassroots dollars, we win more. It’s that simple. This training received rave reviews at Netroots Nation last year, and we’re excited to offer it again!

This is a beginner-level training.

Led by: Jasmine Carter-Gales, Lucy Olena

#RunAsYouAre 2020

Map your personal plan to run for local and state office in 2020—and win. Geared towards first-time female candidates, #RunAsYouAre is tailored for diverse women who have the passion to run but don’t want to lose themselves in the process of political leadership. With 519,000 local and state offices up for grabs, we specialize in training women to run—just as they are—by building political capital, identifying what office to run for, mapping networks and identifying your why. Your voice is valuable, and your vision is needed. Learn from certified trainers who have run and won and know what it means to break barriers.

This training is ideal for first-time women candidates.

Led by: Jehmu Greene, Tishaura Jones, Lea Webb

Extraordinary Goals, Revolutionary Futures: Moving from Inclusion to Decolonization in Organizing

Building momentum in the face of ever-growing regressive forces is challenging, especially with people who are often left out of mainstream campaigns and organizing. How can we activate new people and create strong relationships with marginalized communities? How do we reclaim, recognize and create organizing models and tools using a decolonial framework to create truly inclusive campaigns? This workshop aims to tip notions of conventional metrics and campaigns on their heads, and focus on movement building by, for and with community. We’ll help you reassess and recognize the multitude of ways to organize and strategize in order to focus on extraordinary goals and revolutionary futures.

This training is for both new and experienced organizers who are looking for ways to diversify their campaigns using a variety of techniques, tools and methodologies in a way that builds power and works in solidarity with communities.

Led by: Nikki Koutsochilis

Making the Green New Deal Real

Thu 9am: Making the Green New Deal Real

Making the Green New Deal Real

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Green New Deal is needed to address the existential crises we face today: a rapidly degrading climate, accelerating economic inequality, the precipitous decline in global democracy—all caused by a global system of of racist oppression and environmental destruction for private gain. Panelists will discuss not only the transformative vision of a Green New Deal but what we all can and must do together to achieve a vibrant green society based on the principle that all people and places on our only planet have inherent value.

Led by: Brad Johnson

Panelists: Demond Drummer, Naomi Klein, Varshini Prakash, Kevin de León

Everyone Wants Maps: Understanding their Value in Organizing

There’s a reason it’s a cliche that a picture is worth a thousand words. Since we organize geographically, that picture should be a map.Unfortunately, most maps are one-off projects that take hours of work from a skilled staff member or volunteer. Come hear from our experienced panelists about how they’ve used maps to organize. We’ll discuss the multitude of ways your campaign can use maps to improve your organizing efforts. You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to think geographically when organizing, and the tools available to you to help your campaign get there.

Led by: Deepak Puri

Panelists: Rapi Castillo, Jenn Cervella, Dheeraj Chand, Julie Goldberg

PFAW Morning Coffee Break

PFAW is dedicated to making the promise of America real for every American. And PFAW invites you to gather for your morning coffee — and get ready to join them in the challenge!

Moving Forward: Repealing the Muslim Ban for Good

2019 marks two years since the first Muslim Ban Executive Order was signed. Since then the ban has separated thousands of families, leading to tragic outcomes in some cases including the recent death of young Abdullah in Oakland. A new Congress though presents new opportunities to repeal the Muslim Ban through legislative action. This session will recap the current status of the Muslim Ban and the campaign to end it, and look forward to next steps with an emphasis on legislative strategies through the new Congress. Participants will have the opportunity to break out in to regional groups and map plans to mobilize their members of Congress to champion the issue and legislation.

Led by: Zahra Billoo

Panelists: Mohammad Khan, Avideh Moussavian, Manar Waheed

2019 Latinx Power! El Poder de Las Latinas en Las Elecciones

Latinx voters have the power to change the vote and are highly influential at the national level. There are about 12 million Latinx people who are voting-age U.S. citizens. Many groups have been reaching out to these voters, but there remains a lot of opportunity to successfully organize in Latinx communities. Want to know where the openings are, what works and doesn’t, and how we can move the needle on Latinx voting in the US in 2019 and beyond? Join us!

Led by: Xochitl Oseguera

Panelists: Maegan Llerena, Jasmine Rivera, María Urbina

The Role of the Movement in Native Political Power Building from an Indigenous Perspective

Across the country, Native communities are building political power, and taking their rightful place as elected officials against all odds. The first two Indigenous women were elected to Congress. In San Juan County, UT, several Native organizations and allies built a coordinated strategy around engaging first-time voters on the Navajo reservation to make history in electing the first ever Navajo-led County commission to help protect the cultural sites and natural beauty of the area. In North Dakota, Indigenous leaders fought and won against voter suppression, and are continuing to make progress towards representative leadership. Join us to learn more about these efforts, how to center Indigenous voices, and how to be a true ally in Native political power building in the 21st century.

Led by: Chrissie Castro

Panelists: Ruth Buffalo, Anathea Chino, Willie Grayeyes, Mellor Willie

The Resistance is DIY: How Creative Rapid Response and Digital Media are Shaping Culture through Activism

From the Daily Action app to shutting down streets in song and dance to DIY poster printing, get ready to uncover the ways in which creative and digital media is used to facilitate rapid response. This panel will be a crash course on what it looks like to use a variety of creative and digital media tools to effectively and efficiently respond to injustice. It will also cover the ways in which creative and digital media can facilitate and enrich intersectional approaches to organizing, specifically centering communities of color, women, femmes, and queer and trans folks. Lastly, it will serve as a space for participants to scheme up creative ways to protest the next time their communities are under attack.

Led by: Nasr Firas

Panelists: Carla Aronsohn, Bob Bland

Relational Organizing Insights from the Field: Scaling for the 2019/2020 Cycle

If you’re a progressive activist, you have likely heard about relational organizing—friends reaching out to friends to support a cause, organization or campaign. But what does it take to run a successful program? What are the best practices, and what pitfalls should you avoid? Learn from leading practitioners in the field who have successfully planned, launched and implemented both online and offline relational organizing programs around the country.

Led by: Sangeeth Peruri

Panelists: Sarah Black, Dylan Cate, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Brandon A. Jessup

Women Marched, Ran & Won: What's Next?

Thu 10:15am: Women Marched, Ran & Won: What's Next?

Women Marched, Ran & Won: What's Next?

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Women are the majority of consumers, educators, organizers, donors, and voters. So why do two Koch brothers still have more power than 166 million American women? Why are we the only developed country with no nationally mandated paid family leave? Why are two-thirds of minimum wage workers women? Why are American women today 50% more likely to die in childbirth than their own mothers? This session will bring together women leaders from across movements to reimagine a world where issues that impact our lives are no longer dismissed as “identity politics” but placed front and center. We’ll make a game plan that builds on our collective power and diversity, and works for women’s equality.

Led by: Cortney Tunis

Panelists: Alicia Garza, Yvonne Gutierrez, Shaunna Thomas

Google Tag Manager: The Wand of Digital Power

Been hearing a lot about Google tag manager (GTM) lately? Wondering what it’s all about? GTM is a system you can use to easily install tracking, analytics, testing and personalization on your website without making changes to your core code. It was created by Google to quickly inject code snippets into your website, bypassing your web developer. It is one of the most commonly used tag systems that can not only save you a ton of developer time but also open up a whole world of data gathering, ad targeting and customizing web experiences without knowing too much code. In this training, you’ll learn the basics of GTM and some of its most common applications for non-profits.

This is an intermediate-level training.

Led by: Cyriac Joseph

When Preparation Meets Opportunity: A Simulation on Rapid Response Communications

Crisis communications is usually viewed as responding to negative events, but the same principles apply to situations you can leverage to advance your cause. Progressive advocates and candidates can expect that they will have unexpected opportunities to engage in the public conversation and change how people approach their issues. We’ll guide participants through an hour-by-hour crisis of opportunity simulation. Participants will walk through every action they would take in response to the developing story and how they can shape the media narrative.

Participants should have at least 1-3 years of experience working in communications at an advocacy organization. This training will equip staffers who are on the frontlines to answer the question “What do we say?” when a major news story breaks about their issues.

Led by: Firdaus Arastu, Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons

A Vote for All and a Message to Get Us There: Voting Rights Messaging for 2019 and Beyond

Even though nearly every major newspaper’s editorial board has championed voting rights, voting rights advocates struggle to achieve proactive policy wins. Why is that? ReThink Media analyzed more than 4,100 articles; nearly 22,000 quotations; and over 600 million tweets, and combined this intelligence with three years of public opinion and messaging research from more than five leading research firms to figure out why and how to fix it. Come learn how we can re-center this most important civil right in the American political consciousness and build a better democracy for us all. We’ll learn how to reframe our messages to better reach the public through themes and values that move people to listen to and act with voting rights advocates.

This training is best suited for people who talk about voting rights in their daily work.

Led by: Ricardo Ramírez, Emma Weinstein-Levey

How to Win Back Blue-Collar Workers in 2020 (Sponsored panel)

Thu 10:15am: How to Win Back Blue-Collar Workers in 2020

How to Win Back Blue-Collar Workers in 2020

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Three long-time liberal radio personalities share their thoughts on how Democrats can reverse the 2016 trend that caused many blue-collar workers to side with President Trump so that workers across the nation can get paid more, have greater protections on the job and collectively bargain freely.

This panel is sponsored by the Teamsters.

Led by: Bret Caldwell

Panelists: James Curbeam, Leslie Marshall, Bill Press, Rick Smith

How To Engage Twitch Content Creators in Your Campaign

Since 2011, creators on have raised more than $110,000,000 for nonprofit causes. Gamers have led the way: 58% of gamers have donated while playing or buying video games in the past 12 months and 67% said they would join other gamers to fundraise. But gaming is just the tip of the iceberg. Streaming everything from Cross-Fit to knitting to cooking, Twitch creators today attract more 140MM unique viewers per month to the site (on par with MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and ESPN). Learning how to engage this new creator-class can be incredibly powerful. Join Aly Sweetman, Charity Program Lead at Twitch and Roz Lemieux, Director of Blackbaud Labs for a fast-paced training on how to make it fun and easy for them to engage with your campaign.

This training is best suited to those who either have never run a livestream fundraising (or engagement) campaign — or are still in the early stages of formulating a strategy.

Led by: Rosalyn Lemieux, Alyssa Sweetman

#YouthVote 101: Building a Campus Electoral Program

Young people voted at record rates in 2018, having the highest youth turnout since 1971. In 40 campus-based “Youth Vote Indicator Precincts” where NextGen America was active, turnout doubled over previous midterms from 22% in 2014 to 44% in 2018. When we engage college students and meet them where they are, they turn out in record numbers. By running a targeted campus field program, we’re recruiting and engaging the next generation of progressive activists and leaders, activating them around the issues that they care about. So what does it take to build an effective campus electoral program? From campus Welcome Weeks and dormstorming to career fairs and creating campus clubs, learn more about the field tactics that work on college campuses.

For newer activists, this session will provide a basic backdrop for organizing with a special focus on engaging young people. More seasoned activists will find this session integral in helping them develop campus-specific organizing tactics to more effectively target college students.

Led by: Jalakpi Solomon, Tia Yap

How the Future Is Organizing Us: They’re Texting in Class

Peer-to-peer text messaging is revolutionizing the digital organizing world, but it’s already second nature to a large group of organizers poised to take over the movements we’re building today: young people. In this session we’ll take a soup to nuts approach on organizing youth to utilize the online tools that are a part of their daily life (think: text messaging, Instagram) in their activism.

This training is for all levels.

Led by: Rebeca Martinez Urena, Nieve Mooney

Security 101: Securing Your Organization Against Hackers, Trolls and Bad Actors

Don’t be scared, be prepared! Hackers, trolls, and fake news bots are targeting progressive and Democratic organizations more than ever before. What can you do to protect yourself? What should you do if you are hacked? How do you know if you’ve been hacked? You don’t need to be a tech whiz to understand and deploy basic security principles. We will cover the best practices that every organization should follow for your tech systems, staff, volunteers and vendors. We’ll provide guidance on a range of tools that are commercially available, discuss types of attacks, and how to recognize and prevent them. We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide for what to do if your organization is attacked.

Open to all skill levels. This is an introductory session that explains all concepts but will give practical advice that attendees can immediately put into practice.

Led by: Catherine Robinson, Lyzz Schwegler

First-timer Meetup

First-time Netroots attendee? Want to find your crew of people to conquer the conference with? This session’s for you. Meet other first-timers and hear from long-time attendee Shayera Tangri as she gives tips for having a great convention and getting the most out of your time in Philly.

Turning Small Money into Big Impact

In the fall of 2018, Mainers partnered with dying father Ady Barkan of Be a Hero to beg Senator Collins to vote “no” on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Be A Hero spearheaded a groundbreaking campaign that captured the public narrative, raised almost $4 million dollars for Susan Collins’ future opponent, and pushed direct action from Portland, ME to the atrium of the Hart building. On this panel, we discuss the possibilities in “rage-donating”, lessons learned from the Kavanaugh fight and what the path forward is for powerful public action against vulnerable 2020 GOP Senators who continuously imperil America’s most vulnerable.

Led by: Sam Dryzmala

Panelists: Ana Maria Archila, Julia Barnes, Marie Follayttar, Liz Jaff, Jesse Thomas

Take Away Our Poverty, Not Our Children: Campaigning for Welfare, a Living Wage and a More Caring World

Join us for a cross-movement approach to campaigning for economic, social and environmental justice. You’ll hear from those directly impacted by poverty, the punitive welfare and child welfare systems, and mass incarceration. Mothers and other caregivers will speak on the unjust removal of children by child welfare because of poverty, racism, sexism, being migrants or domestic violence victims or having disabilities; being treated as charity cases rather than as workers entitled to welfare and a living wage; poverty’s impact on women’s low-waged and unwaged workloads; and more. How can we change the narrative on welfare and who is a worker to move beyond the “point of production” to build a more collaborative and broader movement?

Led by: Phoebe Jones

Panelists: Pat Albright, Karen Ali, Rev. Annie Chambers, Carolyn Hill

Unionizing Your Workplace

For decades, the labor movement has been in danger as corporate forces off-shored industries, as the Right attacked workers rights, and as union density and power at the bargaining table and the voting booth declined. But, we are now in the midst of a historic labor renaissance as Millennials, women, and people of color reimagine worker solidarity and boost the ranks of union membership for the first time since the 70s. However, if progressives are to genuinely advance worker power, we also have to look internally and acknowledge the abuses and barriers to workers rights in our own organizations. Attendees will hear from Progressive Workers Union and other new labor leaders on how we can transform our workplaces and campaigns.

Led by: Neha Mathew-Shah, Anthony Torres

D.C. Statehood Caucus

Join civil rights champion, feminist, and warrior for DC Statehood, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and DC Vote, the organization that has led this fight to the door of winning, for a discussion of why this voting rights issue matters to every American and how it connects to every issue you care about. . Refreshments provided by DC Vote.

Led by: Eleanor Holmes Norton, Bo Shuff

This Is How We Win: A First Look at Action Builder

As progressives, we win when we take the time to build and maintain relationships with and between activists, understand the issues we all face, and identify and develop our future leaders. Come by for a Philly Water Ice, join leading organizers and the Action Builder team for a discussion on building a sustainable and scalable movement through tried-and-true organizing tactics, and enjoy a special demo of the new organizing toolset, Action Builder, from the organization that brought you Action Network.

Thursday Mindfulness Moment

Need a break to regroup and recenter? Join us for a mid-day mindfulness moment to reset after the morning sessions and stay grounded headed into the afternoon.

Led by: Reggie Hubbard

Black Caucus (CLOSED)

Join the Black Caucus to discuss cultural opportunities throughout the African Diaspora.

Led by: W. Mondale Robinson

AAPI Caucus (Closed)

Join Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders from across the country to learn about some of the great work being done in AAPI movement and in shifting the progressive political narrative within the community. We’ll make friendships, celebrate our successes, and host a critical dialogue on the digital narrative shift needed for AAPIs leading up to 2020. Be prepared to share. The caucus will be hosted by the team at 18 Million Rising. This is a closed caucus.

Led by: Tanzila Ahmed, Laura Li

Showcase: “From Beacon to the Border” and “Resisterhood”

Film showcases present several films in one session by showing multiple short films or clips, then inviting a presenter from each film to participate in a moderated discussion. “From Beacon to the Border” is a 35-minute documentary by Andrea Garbarini following a national movement of grannies as they journey to McAllen, Texas protesting the separation of migrant children from their families. “Resisterhood” captures the stories of everyday Americans who became grassroots activists working tirelessly to defend our democracy and stop the erosion of our civil rights.

Led by: Andrea DeGeorge Garbarini, Mimi Hassanein, Lynne Iser, Cheryl Jacobs Crim

Indigenous Caucus (CLOSED)

Join tribal members from across the country to talk about advancing Native political leadership and increasing our presence in spaces like Netroots Nation.

This is a closed caucus.

Led by: Neeta Lind, Prairie Rose Seminole

Operation Save Abortion: Morning News Dump at Netroots

Because too many people are still shocked about the avalanche of anti-abortion detritus snowballing across America (SPOILER ALERT: It ain’t just GA and AL), Lizz Winstead and her crew from Abortion Access Front (formerly Lady Parts Justice League) have created Operation Save Abortion, the AAF daily livestream recap of all the daily assaults on reproductive rights you’re not hearing in the mainstream media. Or any media. Or anywhere. AAF will be doing THREE supersized episodes live at Netroots! Each day, Lizz and other abortion rights activists will cover the latest affronts to our rights and tell us what we can do to fight back.

Latinx Caucus

Gente! Join Latinx activists and operatives from across the country to learn more about work being done across communities to build Latinx political power. This will be part discussion, part strategy session on building power within the movement and at the ballot box ahead of the most consequential elections of our lifetime.

Led by: Mayra Macias, Jess Torres Woolford

40 State Strategy: The New Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Thu 1pm: 40 State Strategy: The New Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

40 State Strategy: The New Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Poor People’s Campaign is innovating a new model of fusion organizing. This panel will explore the campaign’s focus on state legislatures, on reclaiming the use of moral language, and the focus on organizing poor and dispossessed people across color lines. We will use experiences and stories to dispel the notions that we must narrow our focus to a few key issues, organize only in big cities, or stay away from religion and spirituality in our organizing. We will situate ourselves within a long but hidden revolutionary history of organizing across color lines in the U.S. Panelists will reflect the different fronts of struggle active in the Pennsylvania Poor People’s Campaign from immigrant rights to mass incarceration to healthcare.

Led by: Eboni Taggart

Panelists: Desi Burnette, Nijmie Dzurinko, Borja Gutiérrez, Jamie Longazel, Teresa Muldrow

Defending the Census: The Next Frontier in the Fight for Our Democracy

Thu 1pm: Defending the Census: The Next Frontier in the Fight for Our Democracy

Defending the Census: The Next Frontier in the Fight for Our Democracy

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Trump administration has leveled an unprecedented attack on the decennial census in a thinly veiled attempt to discourage communities of color and immigrants from participating. The Census Bureau suffers from understaffing and underfunding in the critical years leading up to the decennial census. As a result, the 2020 Census and the resulting data risk being undermined from insufficient testing and planning. This census will be the first digital census, despite the fact that a digital divide still exists across the country. And the Trump administration, in breaking with both Republican and Democratic administrations of the last six decades, has chosen to include a question about citizenship. In response and resistance, a coalition of activists, electeds and lawyers are leading the charge to keep this administration from fulfilling its plan to undermine the census. We’ll discuss what the stakes are and what is being done via litigation and community organization to defend the integrity of the census.

Led by: Adam Bonin

Panelists: Vanita Gupta, Eric Holder, Denise Merrill, Alex Padilla

The Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100%: The Coolest Show on Climate Change

Thu 1pm: The Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100%: The Coolest Show on Climate Change

The Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100%: The Coolest Show on Climate Change

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Hip Hop Caucus is bringing a live-production of their award-winning storytelling platform, “Think 100%: The Coolest Show on Climate Change,” to Netroots Nation. Show hosts Antonique Smith and Rev Lennox Yearwood Jr. will be joined by special guests for an in-depth discussion on environmental justice, stories from the frontlines of climate change, and how young people are leading the movement for community-driven solutions to the climate crisis, injustice, and inequality. For more, visit and follow @Think100Show on Twitter and Instagram.

Panelists: Antonique Smith, Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Afternoon treats from Raw Story & Alternet

Come by the Town Square for an afternoon pick-me-up, courtesy of Raw Story and Alternet.

The End of Gerrymandering: Drawing Fair Maps and Fighting Gerrymanders in Court

Gerrymandering is a critical threat to democracy that politicians have used to subvert the public will in countless elections. With the conservative majority on the Supreme Court increasingly hostile to efforts to limit gerrymandering, enacting reforms at the state level is key. Join us as national redistricting practitioners discuss what we’ve learned from our experiences with the legal process and how to apply that to the ongoing fight against gerrymandering at both the federal and state levels.

Led by: Carolyn Fiddler

Panelists: Maria Blanco, Christopher Lamar, Sam Wang, Stephen Wolf

Families Belong Together: What Is Next for Immigrant Families Across the U.S.

Thu 2:30pm: Families Belong Together: What Is Next for Immigrant Families Across the U.S.

Families Belong Together: What Is Next for Immigrant Families Across the U.S.

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Just one year ago, the Trump Administration’s family separation policy toward parents and children seeking asylum in the U.S. via the southern border sparked public outrage and a nationwide response from immigrant rights advocates old and new. At this panel, learn from experts on the ground who have continued the fight to challenge this administration’s cruel and chaotic policies and practices towards migrant families. Find out what is working, what is on the horizon, and what you can do right now to change the anti-immigrant narrative, stand up against harmful policies and practices, and ensure that immigrant families who belong together, stay together.


Choice Caucus

Reproductive rights and abortion access are human rights issues that cannot be compromised. Let’s talk about being proactive and unafraid to center them as such.

Led by: Lizz Winstead

#ProgressivesToo: Dealing with Sexual Violence in Our Movement

If Progressives hope to claim the moral authority to lead in taking on sexual harassment and assault, we cannot look the other way when it happens in the progressive movement. This panel will focus on why we must believe survivors no matter who they accuse and best practices for supporting them. We’ll discuss the balance between believing survivors and due process, the racialized history of believing survivors, as well as alternatives to the police/prison system, including models for justice that consider healing and growth, that progressives can put into practice internally and externally. This will be a space for progressives to have an honest conversation on the mistakes we’ve made and how we can, and must, do better.

Led by: Anathea Chino

Panelists: Charlene Carruthers, Natalie Green, Sandra Park

Is it Time for a General Strike?

Thu 2:30pm: Is it Time for a General Strike?

Is it Time for a General Strike?

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

“Start in the workplace and the politics will follow.” When working people feel empowered at work, they are empowered in our democracy as well. As bold visions like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal galvanize our politics, could a general strike be the vision we need to rally working people around a shared vision of what our economy and democracy can be? High-profile strikes have made headlines in recent years, but for millions of Americans the idea of workplace action is a radical departure. In the age of the internet, with labor resurgent and working people looking for a fair shake, could we pull off something we’ve never done before in the United States?

Led by: Kim Kelly

Panelists: Charles Khan, Jess Kutch, Jess Morales Rocketto, Sara Nelson, D. Taylor

Motivating Young Voters of Color: Racism, Hate and other Factors in the 2018 Midterms

Young voters are eager to see racism undone, and they see electoral politics as a means of achieving this goal. Join us to hear about how a coalition came together to turn solid research into a meaningful, effective campaign with language and concepts focused on voting as an act of individual and collective empowerment. Contrary to popular assumptions, messages of unity motivate voters more than messages of hate and division.

Panelists: Dom Apollon, Jeralyn Cave, Clarissa Martinez, Rodney McKenzie, Yvette Roubideaux, AJ Titong

More than Words: Using the Language of Imagery to Mobilize

From Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s iconic poster to the Sunrise Movement’s mediagenic expressions of urgency and discipline to the futurism of Black Panther going from theaters to the streets, visual strategy makes a clear difference in campaigns. It’s time to learn why art and culture is necessary to win. Our panel features examples of visual strategy making a difference in campaigns, from memes to banners, told by cultural workers operating at the cutting edge of visual production, meme-making and community organizing. How do we best apply these practices to the visually saturated world of social media and media? What do organizers need to know to integrate visual and narrative storytelling in to their work?

Led by: Elana Levin

Panelists: Felicia Perez, Ange Tran, Josh Yoder

Screening and Discussion: “Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook”

Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook” exposes how our most important right, the right to vote, is being undercut by a decade of dirty tricks and political shenanigans—from gerrymandering to new voter restriction laws and from wide-scale voter purges to the 2013 gutting of the Voting Rights Act by the Supreme Court.

Immediately Following the Screening:

A special conversation “How Can We Protect Voting Rights In a Challenging Time?, “between Rigged Co-Executive Producer Mac Heller and Bill Cobb, Philadelphia based national activist, Principal Cobblestone Solutions, Former Commissioner of the National Commission for Voter Justice, Former Deputy Director, ACLU Smart Justice Campaign and Janet Diaz, Councilwoman from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and 2020 Candidate for the Pennsylvania State Legislature, District #13. Naila Awan is a civil and human rights lawyer who joined Demos in February 2015. She works to help address practices and policies that restrict the ability of individuals to engage in the democratic process and repress voices of traditionally marginalized communities.

Led by: Tim Smith

Panelists: Bill Cobb, Janet Diaz, Mac Heller

What is Absorption? Turning Mobilizing into Organizing at Scale

Something happens, and millions of outraged people take to the streets in powerful mobilizations that bring people from all walks of life together. Flash forward a few weeks later and people have moved on to the next issue. How many times have we experienced these powerful mobilizations, only to learn that there’s nothing to do next? How can we turn moments of outrage into meaningful, real, lasting power? Absorption is about giving people as many possible opportunities to take action. In this training, you’ll learn proven strategies for building leadership and deepening engagement at scale.

This training is best suited for advanced organizers who are looking to build power.

Led by: Nicole Carty, Thaís Marques

Beyond A/B Testing: Upping Your Digital Analytics Game

More and more organizations are adopting the fundamentals of analytics into their digital programs: tracking key metrics, A/B testing and making data-informed decisions. But is there more you could be doing? This training will cover advanced digital analytics practices: benchmarking, best practice testing, multivariate testing, challenges with ad testing, and effective test tracking.

Attendees should be very familiar with A/B testing and how analytics can help guide a digital program.

Led by: Sandhya Anantharaman, Jim Pugh

Messaging and Media 101: Sharing Your Vision Effectively in a Fast-Changing Media Landscape

Have you ever wondered how to get news coverage on a topic or campaign you’re driving in your community? How to build press-worthy events? Looking to share and expand your vision? Maybe you’ve never been on camera, written an op-ed, or pitched a story—and have no idea where to begin! Then this training is for you! This training has been developed to celebrate, elevate, and expand your influence authentically, without compromising your values or vision.

This is a beginner-level training for newer organizers and those who haven’t been on camera or written much. Ideal for smaller organizations without a dedicated communications department.

Led by: Jess Torres Woolford

Digital Lessons from 100 Activists

We donated to, signed up for email, followed on social, and otherwise engaged and researched 100 activists. Join us to see the state of the industry, where we’re succeeding, where we’re failing and what we can do about it.

This training is best suited for those involved in digital execution and communications.

Led by: Eric Pratum

Match your Members to Elected Officials with District Match (Demo)

There’s an easier way to match spreadsheets of address data to legislative districts and elected officials. Come see how District Match can help you conduct better advocacy campaigns, prepare for meetings with legislators, and update records in databases and CRMs.

This demo is presented by Azavea.

Led by: Stacy Henderson, Stephanie Thome

Strategies and Tactics for Targeting Corporations—and Winning!

If you’re interested in using clever strategies and hard-hitting tactics to influence the massive corporations of the world, this training is for you. You’ll learn creative ways to research corporations and their top executives, methods to effectively campaign against them for change, and some tools and tricks you can use to amplify your efforts. Need to capture a decision maker’s attention? Want to use social media, ads and direct action to disrupt and annoy companies? Curious about brand-jamming, astroturfing and other clever tactics? This training will be a fun and insightful look at the strategies of successful corporate campaigns and how you can use them to drive change.

This is a beginner to moderate level-training.

Led by: Kelly Myers, Toni Preston

NJ Caucus

Join New Jersey Working Families for the official Netroots Nation NJ caucus!

We want to bring local and national organizers with a variety of skill sets and affiliations together to discuss and strategize progressive priorities in NJ. We won’t get through the details of every issue in the hour, but this is chance to meet each other, voice the issues that matter to us, and figure out how we can make our work better by working together.

Given Netroots in only a few miles from NJ (and the center of the EDA scandal, Camden) this year, we’re hoping for a big NJ turnout. Whether you organize in NJ or just want to see what’s going on in your home state, we will see you there!

Led by: Ericka Persson

Inside the Growth of the Religious Left: a roundtable discussion

Progressive people of faith have been on the frontlines of resisting Trumpism–including immigration, reproductive, LGBTQ, racial, environmental, and economic justice–and are helping lead the progressive charge into 2020. This roundtable discussion will be led by veteran progressive activists who are Jewish, Muslim, and Christian. We will invite participants to join us in a discussion of the growth of faith-based organizing since the 2016 election; how secular organizations and political candidates can best partner with faith-based groups; and the complexities of faith-based work that values the separation of church and state.

Led by: Ishraq Ali, Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, Ginna Green

Are You a Nonprofit Gearing Up for 2020? Here’s What You Need to Know

2020 is closer than you think! If you’re a nonprofit public charity and want to make an impact during election year, you should check out this training. We’ll go over what it means to stay nonpartisan, discuss how to safely talk about your issues as we approach an election, and discuss what you should keep in mind when working in coalitions with other organizations. You’ll also learn about how these rules apply when using social media.

All experience levels are welcome.

Led by: Ronnie Pawelko

Disability Caucus

Please join the disability caucus for a discussion of key priorities for inclusion of disability policy and disabled in the broader progressive agenda and Netroots Nation as a piece of it. All folks who consider themselves a member of the disability or chronic illness communities are welcome. #SuckItAbleism #CripTheVote #AbledsAreWeird #ADAPTandRESIST

Led by: Rebecca Cokley, Aiko Dorr-Dorynek, Reyma McCoy McDeid

Can We Evict the Bigots from Congress Once and for All?

The 2018 election showed that even some of the most entrenched bigots in Congress are weaker than ever. Members of Congress like Ted Cruz, Steve King, Duncan Hunter, Mark Harris and Dave Brat all ran on assertively anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, and anti-LGBTQ platforms and all barely squeaked by or outright lost. This will shed light on why notoriously bigoted politicians seem weaker than ever and lessons learned for evicting the bigots from Congress once and for all.

Led by: Scott Simpson

Panelists: Jessica Cobian, Mohamed Gula, Matthew Hildreth, Daniel Smith, Jr.

Cooperatives as a Tool for Social Movements

Social movements have long used economic cooperation towards liberation. In 1970s Philadelphia, Movement for a New Society created affordable housing co-ops for activists. During the Civil Rights movement, black organizers used co-ops to support economic self-determination. Co-ops—food co-ops resisting the power and pollution of Big Agra or worker co-ops providing workplace safety and living wages for undocumented immigrants—have always been part of the solution. Today, politicians are grasping for cooperative solutions to build into progressive economic platforms. Come learn from those building and advocating for co-ops about how these solutions can be integrated into electoral campaigns, labor organizing and social movements.

Led by: Natalia Linares

Panelists: Maria Alexandra Garcia, Jamila Medley, Dominique Pearson, Lauren Taylor Hudson

What Philly Taught Us: How Philadelphia Activists Beat School Privatization to Restore Local Control

Thu 2:30pm: What Philly Taught Us: How Philadelphia Activists Beat School Privatization to Restore Local Control

What Philly Taught Us: How Philadelphia Activists Beat School Privatization to Restore Local Control

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

State control of Philadelphia’s schools came to an end in November 2017. This was an historic event, long in the making by a resistance campaign led by Philadelphians. State control had essentially stripped the city’s majority-black and brown residents of their democratic rights. The state agency emphasized cutting expenses and staff, closed neighborhood schools, and imposed various forms of “school choice.” Philly saw its core institutions ripped out and replaced with schools operated by private interests with no knowledge of community values and culture. But years of intense public opposition successfully pressured the mayor and governor to transfer state control to a People’s School Board representative of Philadelphians.

Led by: Jeff Bryant

Panelists: Kendra Brooks, Helen Gym, Domingo Morel, Horace Ryans

Fighting ALEC's Control of Lawmaking is a Fight Against Racism

Thu 3:45pm: Fighting ALEC's Control of Lawmaking is a Fight Against Racism

Fighting ALEC's Control of Lawmaking is a Fight Against Racism

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Visionary leadership has led to progressives taking decisive action against the years-long corporate, right-wing take over of government. In this effort there is no better focus than the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC). This session will equip participants with a deep understanding of the racist dimensions of ALEC’s legacy, and leave participants with practical ideas for how to leave Netroots with a plan to join the fight against ALEC.

Led by: Dominic Renfrey

Panelists: Brandi Collins-Dexter, Rachel Gilmer, Mary Ann Maestas, Radhika Sainath

New Sheriffs in Town: How Local Elections Can Help End Racist Mass Jailings and Deportations

Throughout U.S. history, county sheriffs have been at the forefront of police violence against people of color. As James Baldwin noted, the sheriff was “hired by the Republic to keep the Republic White.” Today, sheriffs are central to the “New Jim Crow,” as their jails feed mass incarceration and deportation machines of bigoted politicians who target communities of color and immigrants. Building off the legacies of civil rights leaders and those who defeated racist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, organizers across the U.S. are issuing calls to action against bad sheriffs whose elections are down ballot and ignored. In 2018, voter mobilization, especially with young voters of color, brought new sheriffs to town, and 2020 promises new wins.

Led by: Nanci Palacios

Panelists: Angela Lang, Garry McFadden, Max Rose

Pennsylvania Caucus

Join folks from across the state of Pennsylvania to talk about how we can build a progressive future.

Led by: Helen Gym, Lev Hirschhorn, Amanda Mcillmurray

How Muslims are Shaping their Political Destiny

The 2018 midterm election cycle saw Muslim communities mobilizing at unprecedented levels around civic engagement. To build a national movement that wouldn’t undermine local work, the #MyMuslimVote campaign provided resources and best practices to empower local organizations to bolster their civic engagement work. In doing so, local organizing by Muslim communities was uplifted to an historic and unified scale. We’ll share the creative digital/field activities hosted, and the strategies that led to local victories. Looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, we will share how Muslim communities are building a policy platform informed by grassroots representation of Muslims nationwide and increasing overall civic engagement.

Led by: Ishraq Ali

Panelists: Reema Ahmad, Mohamed Gula, Wardah Khalid, Kifah Shah

Sparkle or Shade? Let's Get Real About Inclusive Politics

Thu 3:45pm: Sparkle or Shade? Let's Get Real About Inclusive Politics

Sparkle or Shade? Let's Get Real About Inclusive Politics

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

What does it look like to change our campaigns, organizations, coalitions, and institutions to center the people that are most impacted? What would it look like to remove barriers and inequities so that leaders within our communities can actually lead? Let’s get real about inclusive politics and what’s at stake. Learn from some of the most prominent leaders at the state and national level that can speak about this directly and share what we have to gain when we do this and do it right.

Led by: Jennifer Pae

Panelists: Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, Alicia Garza, Alejandra Gomez, Nse Ufot, Alice Wong

Addressing Sexual Harassment and Discrimination in Philadelphia Restaurants: A Case Study

What can we learn from examining sexual harassment in a celebrated restaurant scene thriving in a poverty-stricken city? With low wages, majority female workers, rampant wage theft, and a large immigrant workforce, it’s little wonder most EEOC sexual harassment complaints come from restaurants. On this panel, we’ll discuss the challenges of addressing sexual harassment in restaurants and highlight local innovative advocacy efforts including mobilizing workers, promoting a multi-faceted policy agenda including One Fair Wage, and a new coalition of anti-rape advocates, city officials, and public interest lawyers working directly with restaurant owners and workers.

Led by: Amal Bass

Panelists: Nadia Hewka, Samuel Jones, Janna Morton, Jenn Oliver

Never Give Up: Lessons from the MOVE Family

Thu 3:45pm: Never Give Up: Lessons from the MOVE Family

Never Give Up: Lessons from the MOVE Family

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

“Because when something is worth fighting for you fight for it until you reach it.” –Mike Africa, Jr.

Described as a “Black Back to Nature Group,” MOVE is a human rights, environmentalist and animal rights group formed in Philadelphia under the guidance of John Africa. They were/are advocates for self-defense protests, civil disobedience, composting, unschooling, food sovereignty and land sovereignty decades before these words entered the progressive and radical political space. Due to their revolutionary views,  they have faced state-sanctioned violence and police brutality, culminating in the bombing of their West Philadelphia home, killing 11 MOVE members including five children. Nine members were also framed for the shooting of a police officer, resulting in over 40 years of wrongful imprisonment. Despite the wealth of state-sanctioned violence perpetrated against them, MOVE persisted. In the past year, they celebrated four of the MOVE 9 being released home from their wrongful imprisonment, and recently celebrated the birthday of Ramona Africa, one of two survivors of the MOVE bombing. In this panel, participants will have the opportunity to learn about the MOVE family and their 50+ year sustained fight for justice, and will also hear from other local activists working at the intersections of human rights, animal rights and environmentalism.

Led by: Gabe Bryant

Panelists: Mike Africa, Megan Malachi, Aaron Smith, Sheena Sood

Pretty Important: Political Graphic Design 101

Whether it’s for digital or print, visual designers make decisions that affect your decisions every day. Why do you stop and look at some billboards, but not others? Why did you decide to not recycle one of those political mailers you got? We’ll cover how humans process visual information and what can movitate them to act. This training will cover the basics of photo-based design and help you improve your understanding of the many visual communications that surround you. We’ll end the session designing something together, live!

This training is for both beginners/non-designers as well as intermediate designers/communication professionals who want to improve their design and communication skills.

Led by: Candice Dayoan, Chris McNeil

Media Training for the 21st Century

From message to delivery, you need a smart strategy to tell your story to the audience you want to reach. Media Training for the 21st Century is a general communications training for organizers, staff, and principals that leaves you feeling empowered and able to get your message across regardless of fear and distraction. This goes way beyond style tips for television hits—this is about communicating your values in a way that resonates long after you’re done speaking.

This training is open to everyone.

Led by: Jess McIntosh, John Neffinger

You Don't Have to be a D**k to Run for Office: Campaign Communications for Real People and Hell Raisers

This training is for those interested in running for office that will not receive significant support from the party and/or won’t have big budgets to hire staff or consultants. It’s also useful for organizers and activists not afraid to raise a little hell. We’ll give an overview of designing a core message and push attendees to concretely identify what winning looks like, plus share best practices and pitfalls you might encounter.

This training is for those with little to moderate experience interacting with the media or those who are nervous about telling their stories.

Led by: AJ Springer, Loryn Wilson Carter

Don’t Be Basic: Advertising Best Practices on Facebook and Instagram

From building a brand to driving acquisition, fundraising and mobilization, ads can help your campaign conquer its goals. Come learn from Facebook’s Advertising Team on how to run ads effectively, our latest best practices, and rules of the road when it comes to political and issue ads transparency.

Led by: Jen Nedeau Helm

Labor Caucus

Join the AFL-CIO, Labor Unions and Allies for a conversation about the labor movement, where we are and where we are going. Refreshments sponsored by Concerted Action.

Led by: Caleb-Michael Files, Amber Sparks

Birddogging 101

The escalation of activism demands for a middle step between requests and grievances, a form of lobbying that isn’t done behind closed doors and truly holds public officials accountable: The answer is a tactic called “birddogging.”Birddogging is when you ask a public official or aspiring candidate to do something you care about, in person, and in public. Birddoggers apply pressure directly to a target who has the power to give us what we want, and it works! Al Gore was birddogged before issuing support for cheaper AIDS drugs in Africa. McCain was birddogged before he cast his vote that saved the ACA. In this training, we’ll teach you how to step up and make your legislators work for you.

If there’s change you’d like to see and you know who has the power to make that change happen, this training is for you.

Led by: Darius Gordon, Kiki Hackett

The ABCs, c4s and c3s of Political Spending

We demystify all the ways money influences elections. You’ll learn what kind of groups can spend in your election, how they are funded, how you can monitor their activity, and how and when you can communicate with them. There will also be an in-depth discussion of the strategy of outside spending—who should buy what, when, where and why.

This is an all-ages training. For beginners, we’re providing a vocabulary for understanding who and what is impacting their campaign and taking some of the spooky out of the things they read. For attendees who are employed full-time in politics but relatively inexperienced, we’re providing a structure for thinking strategically about the breadth of communications channels and how to be most effective. Advanced practitioners will benefit from our analysis of privileged spending.

Led by: Matthew 'Mudcat' Arnold, Becca Slutzky

Healthcare Caucus

Progressives believe health care is a human right. Join fellow NNers to meet and organize with other progressives that care about health care. We’ll be discussing what’s at stake with healthcare in the 2020 election and beyond. Where have we seen wins on healthcare policy, from prescription drug pricing, to the Affordable Care Act, and the expansion of Medicaid? What else can we do to fight increasing costs, discrimination in health services, and a lack of access in poor or rural areas? How are changes in healthcare policy impacting women, the disabled and other communities, how can we protect and advocate for and with those most at risk?

Education Caucus

Classroom teachers walking out of schools across the nation have made education a more prominent issue in the 2020 presidential campaign than it ever was in past presidential elections. Multiple candidates are proposing free college, universal pre-kindergarten programs, and raising teacher pay, and frontrunners have jumped into debates over charter schools. Come to this year’s Education Caucus to share your perspectives on how candidates and campaigns are addressing (or not addressing) the full range of education issues they should, and learn what fellow education advocates are doing to influence the debates.

Led by: Jeff Bryant

The $5000 Nonprofit: Free or Low-Cost Resources and Tools to Help You Win

The lack of adequate funding is a chronic condition in the progressive space, and one that is unlikely to be cured anytime soon. But we’re not going to let a little thing like “lack of funding” stop us. Learn from Debra Cleaver ( and Deborah Barron (New Left Accelerator) about the myriad free or low-cost resources that are available to non-profits and other impact organizations. We’ll teach you all about low cost technology tools including beautiful (and nearly free) website builders, powerful CRMs, high-impact organizing and advocacy tools, fundraising technology, design tools and more. We’ll also go over high-quality, free or low-cost legal resources to assist your advocacy and impact work.

This training is best suited for those who are actively considering starting a new organization or campaign, or who are actively running a new organization or campaign. You don’t need to be broke to attend: even if your org has money, you’re bound to pick up some pointers.

Led by: Deborah Barron, Debra Cleaver

How to Become a 2020 DNC Delegate Roundtable

This session is designed to help you navigate the intricacies and nuances of the 2020 Democratic National Committee’s presidential primary process. We will cover navigating delegate selection plans, representing your presidential candidate, participating in standing committees and participating in a presidential caucus.

This is intended for people who have never been involved all the way up to strengthening skill sets of those who have participated before

Led by: Sally Boynton Brown

The 100% Clean Energy Revolution: Paths to Victory in the States

Since 2016, the federal government has been an inevitable impediment to a necessary and just transition to 100% renewable energy. But fear not, as equal parts success and courage are alive and well in our cities and states. With decades worth of combined experience and expertise, our panel will provide diverse, critical, historical perspectives on how constellations of once disparate environmental ideals became a contagion of triumphant state policies from Hawaii to California to Pennsylvania and beyond, offering attendees an opportunity to peel away the often arcane layers of energy policy and hear directly from movement leaders about how heartbreak and victory inspire them and the movement.

Led by: Susan Rakov

Panelists: Gregory Holston, David Masur, Rep. Chris Rabb, Kevin de León

Field-Centric Data: Building Feedback Loops

Data and analytics can help us build winning strategies, allocate resources effectively and peer into the trends we can bend to shape a more progressive future. This panel will cover real-world case studies and practical ideas for creating feedback loops, as well as how building these communication channels in a deliberate way leads to better questions and reports. If you’re a field person, we’ll be talking about how data can and should support your work. And if you’re back in HQ, we’ll talk strategies for lifting up voices of folks on the ground.

Led by: Martha Grant

Panelists: Angelica Morales, Michelle Penson

No Guns, No Police: What Safe Schools Actually Look Like for Students of Color

How do we create safe schools? In the wake of seemingly nonstop mass shootings, there’s a renewed sense of energy around this question. But, more often than not, the answer is reserved for an adult. Not Black and Brown students, girls of color, survivors of violence, immigrant youth, or LGBTQ students, who already face threats to their safety and well being in school. Worse still, our Secretary of Education is advancing a school safety agenda that expands the school-to-prison pipeline and adds more guns and police officers to schools, which not only fails to decrease school violence but also actively harms students. Join youth activists for a conversation about what students of color actually need to feel safe in 2019.

Led by: Nia Evans

Panelists: Sage Dolan-Sandrino, Ceon Dubose, Da'Shaun Harrison, Mei-Ling Ho-Shing, Yesenia Rodriguez

Opening Keynote

Thu 5pm: Opening Keynote Netroots Nation 2019

Opening Keynote Netroots Nation 2019

Posted by Netroots Nation on Thursday, July 11, 2019

Join us as we kick off Netroots Nation 2019 with our opening keynote! You’ll hear from progressive voices including Philadelphia’s Rev. Gregory Holston; Jess Morales Rocketto of the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants; Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (District of Columbia); Color of Change’s Rashad Robinson; Alicia Garza, co-creator of Black Lives Matter; and more speakers to be announced.

Panelists: Alicia Garza, Eleanor Holmes Norton, Gregory Holston, Jess Morales Rocketto, Sara Nelson, Rashad Robinson

2nd Annual Netroots/Phone2Action Advocacy Awards LoveFEST

Join Phone2Action and Netroots to recognize our community awardees for their work and dedication to the progressive community. Join us as we uplift community efforts with food, drink and fun.



Laughing Liberally Comedy Jam

Let comedy cut through the chaos and may laughter trump hate. Join a performance of progressive political comedians and commentators at the annual Laughing Liberally Jam at Netroots Nation. Join us for some comedy, then stay for karaoke! For 15 years, Laughing Liberally has been giving comedians a stage to pursue their political passions, audiences a comedic catharsis, and progressive partners the chance to laugh to keep from crying.

Netroots After Dark: Sex, Politics and Karaoke sponsored by Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Join us for what’s become an annual tradition at Netroots Nation! Whether you can’t hold a tune or have ambitions to be on The Voice, we want you on that stage. Join us at Spin: Ping Pong Social Club for a fun night to kick off the conference. Sponsored by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

Friday Morning Yoga

As activists we often get caught up in the perception of progress through busy-ness and neglect the necessity of health, balance, focus and calm. Our morning flow will ground your day in peace and clarity before diving into the business/busy-ness of the conference. We’ll do light stretching, joint mobility enhancements, breathing and relaxation exercises to begin your day the right way.

Led by: Reggie Hubbard

VideoChat Townhalls, Q&A's & Fundraisers: real access, real engagement, real time (DEMO)

From VideoChat Townhalls to Premium Access Online Fundraisers: large scale video chat events vie to be gamechanger tech of 2020

Shindig enables video chat events where speakers can address audiences of 1000’s and either prescreen prospective video chat questioners or throw open the podium for first come first served contributions.

Events can be secure and private, or open to the public and even simul streamed for unlimited viral viewership on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Audience members themselves can also mingle, network, collaborate and share in private video chats replicating the audience dynamic of physical events, fostering collaboration and deepening connections amongst community members in a wholly unique way.

Find out how video chat events can help increase your outreach, more deeply engage your community, generate WOM and create compelling repurposable video content.

This session is brought to you by Shindig

Led by: Steve Gottlieb

Why Winning = Running on Reproductive Justice

Fri 9am: Why Winning = Running on Reproductive Justice

Why Winning = Running on Reproductive Justice

Posted by Netroots Nation on Friday, July 12, 2019

For too long Democrats and the entire progressive movement have compromised on reproductive freedom believing discussion will doom most candidates. Since 2016 state, local and federal campaigns have proved that myth false in red, purple and blue areas across the country. ‘Nontraditional’ candidates from the New American Majority: communities of color, LGBTQ+ and young people are running reproductive freedom and winning.Hear from these newly elected officials and strategists about key approaches to electing this new wave of leaders and why running on a reproductive justice platform should be implemented everywhere.

Led by: Atima Omara

Panelists: Jennifer Carroll-Foy, Delia Garcia, Brianna Titone

How We Fight Anti-semitism

These things are all true at the same time: anti-semitic violence is increasing in the U.S.; the Right is using antisemitism as a tool to retain power and destroy Black and Brown-led movements; and the threat of antisemitism is tearing apart the Left. Antisemitism has been used as a wedge to break up social movements for generations. The progressive movement must deepen our understanding of how antisemitism works and how it is wielded politically in order to effectively fight back. In this moment, we must work to defeat antisemitism along with anti-Black racism, xenophobia, and misogyny, as part of our collective project to build a truly inclusive multiracial democracy where we can all be safe. But it’s going to take some work, together.

Led by: Ginna Green

Panelists: Dove Kent, Dania Rajendra, Tarso Ramos