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The American Federation of Teachers is a union of professionals that champions fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, health care and public services for our students, their families, and our communities. We are committed to advancing these principles through community, engagement, organizing, collective bargaining and political activism, and especially through our members’ work.

DSPolitical pioneers the best integration of data and technology to persuade audiences and deliver wins for progressive candidates, causes, and issues with the most efficient and effective digital advertising campaigns in politics.

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Communications Workers of America (CWA), a labor union representing over 700,000 men and women in both private and public sectors, is a leading voice for democracy and economic justice. CWA members work in telecommunications, broadcasting, cable TV, journalism, publishing, manufacturing, airlines, customer service, government service, health care, education and other fields. Learn more at cwa-union.org or follow us on Twitter @CWAUnion or Facebook at facebook.com/cwaunion. 

ProgressNow Colorado is the largest online multi-issue advocacy and education organization in Colorado. We were founded in 2005 as a response to a disproportionate amount of conservative voices across the state. We envision a more progressive Colorado.


Abortion Access Front is a coven of hilarious badass feminists whose mission is to infuse humor into reproductive rights spaces while also dropping knowledge and activism into our pop culture and our social lives.  Our goal is to inspire folks who have not been active in the feminist and reproductive rights movements to get up and get active.

Alternet is a progressive online magazine, publishing journalism and original content from a variety of sources. AlterNet’s mission is to inspire citizen action and advocacy on a wide variety of progressive social issues. AlterNet publishes The New Civil Rights Movement. RawStory is an online news site covering political and economic news. The site focuses on  rogressive politics, bringing attention to stories that are downplayed or ignored by other media outlets.

Catalist is a leader in civic data and data science innovation. Our mission is to provide the progressive community with the data and services needed to better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they want to engage and mobilize. We are committed to using technology and the talents of our diverse team to nurture a vibrant, growing, progressive community.

CEA is the largest union of educators in the state with more than 39,000 K-12 teachers, higher ed faculty, and education support professionals, as well as students preparing to become teachers, and retired educators. We advocate for the public schools our students deserve.

The Informed Meetings Exchange (INMEX) provides complimentary meeting planning services. Unlike traditional third-party meeting planners, we provide socially responsible sites for your meeting that respect their workers’ communities and the environment. Founded with support from UNITE HERE, the hotel workers’ union, INMEX ensures union hotels that are free from labor disputes.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is North America’s strongest and most diverse labor union. Founded in 1903, the Teamsters are known as the champion of freight drivers and warehouse workers but have organized workers in virtually every occupation imaginable, both professional and nonprofessional, private sector and public sector. Our 1.4 million members are airline pilots, brewers, police officers, public defenders, railway workers, secretaries and zookeepers. They also work in construction, food processing and healthcare.

LGBT Netroots Connect sponsors programs throughout the year, including a Netroots Nation pre-conference for LGBT leaders, journalists, activists and organizations, and allies. Our events also include training, support and education geared toward expanding participation in the LGBT movement, strategic meetings with online change agents and organizations, and networking. Our work includes programming around social media, LGBTQ history and equality, and the building of partnerships between online and off line organizations.

Living Liberally is a national network of progressive social gatherings—with hundreds of Drinking Liberally happy hours providing welcoming, informal homes for liberals to meet, connect, vent, cheer, and organize in small towns, big cities, conservative and liberal areas alike. In addition to Drinking Liberally, we convene Laughing Liberally comedy shows, Screening Liberally film events, Reading Liberally book clubs, Eating Liberally meals and more. And as the Democratic primary heats up and we head toward election year, Drinking Liberally chapters will be hosting debate watch parties and primary night gatherings everywhere—and may be your political home in the busy year ahead!

Megaphone Strategies is a social justice media strategy firm, run for purpose, not profit. We use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements—lifting up diverse progressive leadership in the media—and to provide services based on ability to change the world, not to pay.

617MediaGroup is the fastest growing, full-service progressive communications firm on the East Coast. Supporting and winning for regional and national clients, we are veteran campaigners, communicators, designers, strategists, story-tellers, web developers, and true-believers. We offer comprehensive communication services—public relations, advertising, marketing, digital, graphic design, A/V production, and more—for labor unions, nonprofits, social justice campaigns, and progressive causes. Through this work, we move public opinion, win tough fights, and tell stories that need to be heard.


The American Prospect is devoted to promoting informed discussion on public policy from a progressive perspective. Through narrative interpretation of complex issues, we propagate the ideas and analyses necessary to attain A More Perfect Union. We don’t just make magazines, we make a difference.
Free Speech TV is a national independent news network that empowers people to build a more equitable world. Airing 24/7 to over 40 million U.S. homes, we deliver fresh perspectives and uncompromising analysis through up to 12 hours of live news programming each weekday.
For over 100 years, The New Republic has championed liberal ideas and challenged popular opinion. Our journalism debates complex political and social issues, and takes a stance, promoting novel solutions for the most critical. Through ambitious journalism and innovative storytelling, we seek to inspire the next generation of decision makers through conversations in print, online, and in person.  We are the voice of creative thinkers, united by a collective desire to challenge the status quo.
The Progressive Inc., is an educational nonprofit which publishes The Progressive magazine, a voice of the progressive movement. First published on January 9, 1909, the magazine is published bi-monthly, with a website (progressive.org) that publishes articles daily. The Progressive Inc. also runs two projects: the Public School Shakedown and the Progressive Media Project, which distributes op-eds from diverse voices to newspapers around the country.
Wonder Media Network (WMN) is a pioneering audio-first media company that uses stories to inspire action, to promote equality and justice, and to introduce empathy into politics, business, and culture. WMN presents the stories we seldom hear and the perspectives we often miss. They dig into the narratives of people – particularly women – who are stepping up to enact change.