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@advocacy is the premiere influencer advocacy studio for progressive causes and campaigns. With a values-driven, multi-platform creator network of more than 53 million in audience, atAdvocacy has a proven track record of using cutting edge digital strategy to take progressives’ message to the next level online. atAdvocacy’s list growth and visibility marketing services build online enthusiasm and virality around progressive causes to generate resources and grow digital communities that win hearts, minds, and elections!

Alliance for Justice Action Campaign promotes a national conversation about the importance of the courts in protecting our core constitutional values through advocacy, research, and mobilizing progressive advocates and voters. AFJ Action also develops resources on the legal framework for 501(c)(4) nonprofit advocacy and the rules that apply to funding 501(c)(4)s.

AlphaGraphics Stamford, is a full service graphic communications company with decades of experience partnering with progressive campaigns and organizations on a wide range of projects including, printed materials, direct mail, graphic design, signs, graphics, trade show displays and collateral, online print on demand customization and other related services. We offer union production as well as wide range of green solutions along with unmatched customer service. From non-profit needs to local elections to national GOTV campaigns there is no project too large or too small.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit educational and advocacy organization that brings together people of all religions and none to protect the right of everyone to believe as they want — and stop anyone from using their beliefs to harm others. We fight in the courts, legislatures, and the public square for freedom without favor and equality without exception.

At The Bastion, our unique wiki style website champions liberal causes and exposes right-wing propaganda with well thought out and researched arguments designed to overwhelmingly prove that Republicans are wrong on every issue.

Brady has one powerful mission — to unite all Americans against gun violence. We work across Congress, the courts, and our communities with grassroots chapters nationwide, bringing together young and old, red and blue, and every shade of color to find common ground in common sense. In the spirit of our namesakes Jim and Sarah Brady, we have fought for over 45 years to take action, not sides, and we will not stop until this epidemic ends. It’s in our hands.

Bright Blue Ink is the market leader for on-demand webstores in the progressive politics space. Our stores create a way for your organization or campaign to get merchandise in the hands of your supporters without the need to sink large amounts of resources into purchasing and managing inventory.

Launch your own community engagement app with Bulletin.  Create a secure space to instantly share news, information, and events with users.  Send push notifications for important updates and calls to action.  And give users an important alternative to social media.  Keep your members connected and engaged with a Bulletin app.

Buttonsmith, Inc. is a union-affiliated (IUPAT) American manufacturing operation, which makes buttons, badge reels, lanyards, magnets and custom-printed T-shirts. Founded 2013, by then-10-year old Henry, using his mom’s old campaign-making button equipment. Buttonsmith will be happy to make your custom items, complete with union bug!

Campaign Deputy is a CRM that empowers Progressives to easily manage their fundraising, digital, and compliance needs allowing them to focus on the important work of building movements, changing the conversation, and turning out voters.

Caring Across Generations is an organization of family caregivers, care workers, people with disabilities, and aging adults working to transform care so it’s accessible, affordable, and equitable. To achieve our vision, we transform cultural norms and narratives; win federal and state-level policies; and build power amongst those touched by care.

The Center for Media and Democracy is a nationally recognized watchdog that leads in-depth investigations into the undue influence of powerful special interests on our democracy. For 30 years, our award-winning exposés have pulled back the curtain on numerous cases of corruption and manipulation of policy, elections, and the media.

Civic Shout is a paid email and SMS acquisition platform for Democratic campaigns and progressive nonprofits. We make it ridiculously easy to publish petitions and grow your opt-in email and SMS communities with high-quality, fixed-cost supporters who actually want to hear from you.

Civitech is a public benefit corporation that provides an affordable and accessible suite of tools to register and turn out voters, recruit candidates to run for office, and help Democratic and progressive candidates and causes win.
Climate Cabinet Action is the “Moneyball” of climate politics. Climate Cabinet targets state and local elections that would provide the greatest “return on investment” in the fight against climate change and helps those candidates win at the ballot box. From critical funding to field or communications services, Climate Cabinet provides pro-climate candidates the tools they need to run, win, and legislate on climate change.

Concerted Action is your digital organizing superpower.

Daisychain is a new platform that helps progressive organizations integrate tools, build workflow automations, and send optimized texting campaigns. Demolish your data silos, eliminate grunt work, and engage your audience with a next-generation toolset that’s designed from the ground up to help progressives raise more money, recruit more volunteers, and turn out more voters.

Erehwon Atlas helps progressive candidates and organizers get on the ballot and run strong campaigns. We believe democracy works best when many diverse voices are involved in our elections. Our first tool, Petition Atlas, helps organize, manage, and check nominating petitions. In addition, we are launching Campaign Disability to increase accessibility in campaigns and organizing

From nonprofits to political campaigns and more, Forward Frame Media creates videos that inspire change and move causes forward. Our team works alongside our clients, and turns their message into a compelling narrative that shows the world who they are and generates the action they need.

Generation Data is a national, mission driven non-profit. Our focus is on recruiting and training the next generation of diverse data and technology practitioners who will help progressive organizations achieve victory at the national, state, and local levels.

GetThru was created by veterans of Bernie 2016, where we helped build the campaign’s historic voter contact operation. In the process, we saw the need for better technology to reach people where they are—on their cell phones. Our P2P texting and calling tools empower our clients to connect with members, supporters, and volunteers to reach their goals. To date, GetThru clients have sent more than 1 billion texts and made over 750 million calls.

GWI has developed and deployed a first in the nation offensive approach to combating dis and misinformation, combining cross-platform technology with disruption tactics developed by the information warfare community. We organize, train, and equip volunteers to engage with  misinformation that affects themselves and their communities. Visit us at our new online merchandise store!

Built for campaigns by campaign professionals, Goodstock & Co is a custom e-commerce platform for progressive campaigns and causes. We offer fully branded stores that can mix and match on-demand and wholesale, USA-made, and union-decorated products. We handle everything from fulfillment to compliance and invest our profits back into the community.”

Grassroots Analytics is a leading data company specializing in empowering campaigns, nonprofits, and progressive organizations with cutting-edge data and tech tools for effective fundraising. Harnessing the power of data-driven strategies, Grassroots enables clients to optimize their fundraising efforts and achieve their goals in the dynamic landscape of political and social advocacy.

The Groundwork Collaborative advances a coherent, persuasive progressive economic worldview and narrative in collaboration with a diverse array of partners. We envision an economic system that produces strong, broadly shared prosperity and abundance for all people, not just a wealthy few. Our work is driven by one core guiding principle: WE ARE THE ECONOMY!

Many of us are struggling to stay well in these times. And good nutrition often feels out of reach. Healthy Campaign offers strategies, checklists, recipes, support calls, online community, a toolkit, and an online course. Engage in whatever way you will feel most supported.

Our staff have a combined 59 years of experience in grassroots fundraising and individual giving. Innovative Fundraising, LLC aims to bring fundraisers together from coast to coast in order to learn from each other and implement best practices.

Line Break is a creative agency and video production company that crafts stories into powerful instruments for change. Our role in the movement for a better world is to tackle the creative and technical challenges behind the storytelling process through video production, motion graphics, live streaming, in-person presentations and installations, or whatever medium may come next.

Midwest Access Coalition envisions a world in which people of all genders and ages have access to safe and free abortion wherever they live. As a practical support fund, MAC assists those traveling to, from, and within the Midwest access safe abortion, by assisting with travel coordination and costs, lodging, food, and childcare. We also distribute emergency contraception!

MomsRising.org is an on-the-ground and online grassroots organization of more than a million people who are working to increase family economic security, stop discrimination against women and moms, and build a nation where businesses and families can thrive.

Music City Creative is a Nashville-based print shop that specializes in eco-friendly merchandise for special projects, events, brands, artists, and more. At Music City Creative, we focus on curating a strong, diverse, and passionate team. Through community-conscious practices, we deliver creative solutions through innovative design at a fair and sustainable profit. We partner with National and local brands to support the advancement of social equity and mobility through our designs, diverse hiring practices, and partnerships with nonprofit groups. Music City Creative has millions of views across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

The National Popular Vote bill is a way for states to work together to guarantee that the winner of the national popular vote wins the electoral college and the presidency. No more second place presidents, no more candidates campaigning in only a handful of battleground states – instead every vote will be equal and the candidate with the most votes wins. So far 15 states & D.C. have passed our bill, with a total of 195 electoral votes. Once states with 75 additional electoral votes join, the agreement will go into effect. We only need a few more states to join for America to elect the President on a “one person, one vote” basis.

People’s Parity Project is a movement of lawyers and law students organizing for a democratized legal system which values people over profits and builds the power of working people. Through organizing, policy innovation and political education, we’re dismantling a profession that upholds corporate power and building a legal system that is a force for justice.

Plan C (plancpills.org) is an evidence-based information campaign for abortion pill access in the US. We provide information on abortion pills, including where they’re found online and how they’re used for a safe home abortion through our Guide to Pills (plancpills.org/guide) and communications campaign.

Political Explorer is a cutting edge location analysis platform with an enhanced data set of over 250 million registered and unregistered voters. Harmonize your campaign data with curated demographic, mobility, and consumer variables. Discover the crucial votes needed to win and hit your goals with a robust reporting toolset. With Political Explorer you can map your path to victory and discover game changing insights that you just can’t just see in the cross-tabs.

Progressive Investors Network is a full-service financial advisor network dedicated to building  enduring relationships with individuals and organizations by aligning investments with values.  Our seven unique screens allow advisors to assist clients in working toward their fiscal goals,  while investing in ways that reflect values and positively impact society.

Prompt.io™  is a communication platform designed for political organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofits, and associations. The platform uses mobile outreach features that can scale with an organization’s team to amplify its impact, gain larger influence, and build lasting engagement.

Quiller is an AI-enabled copilot for Democratic campaigns and strategists that is revolutionize online fundraising in the political world. The tool is designed to write, send, and evaluate the effectiveness of fundraising and organizing emails.

Raftr is a community-building and insights platform that reimagines communities so members can connect and thrive. We provide organizations with the tools to build customized, private, online communities that in turn provide actionable insights about their members so they can improve reach, retention and mobilization.

Raisely is the all-in-one platform to deliver your fundraising strategy. From donation forms, to peer to peer events, through to ticketed events, Raisely lets you create beautiful fundraisers for your cause simply. It’s backed with the most powerful tools to nurture and engage your supporters.

Rank the Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers people across America to rapidly build grassroots movements for Ranked Choice Voting right where they live, creating the preconditions for successful municipal and statewide enactment campaigns.

Reach is an industry-leading tool for digital and relational organizing which has been used on over a thousand progressive campaigns at every level. We first built Reach for the 2018 AOC campaign as a tool for ourselves after we realized traditional door-to-door canvassing methods were limiting who we were talking to and when we were able to effectively collect data in the field.

Rising Organizers trains new and emerging leaders in community organizing skills, and makes organizing a more accessible pathway to civic participation for everyday people. We find people at the beginning of their organizing journey, and provide them with skills, direction, and community, in order to build a more representative democracy for all of us.  Rising Organizers Action provides accessible, grassroots-oriented trainings for progressive political organizations. We offer public and private trainings in strategic organizing, leadership development, and more—all designed to provide first-in-class political training for every skill level and audience.

RUN! is the do-it-yourself website builder for Democratic and progressive campaigns. Campaigns today are caught between two extremes: either hire an expensive firm to make a professional site or take their chances on generic site builders not geared towards their needs. RUN! is here to bridge the gap–providing high quality sites at a price campaigns can afford.

We’ve organized some of the largest voter contact programs in politics and built the tools to power those programs.  We’ve built Scale to Win to make sure progressives everywhere have the high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective tools we need to effect change and win. Because the last thing organizers should have to worry about is the quality of their tools.

SeeBotRun is a woman, queer, and minority co-owned company. Our philosophy is that technology should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. We provide web and application development, hosting, support services, mobile messaging, integrations, and more. Our philosophy is that technology should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Shire is the first digital office built for political campaigns, dedicated to enabling thousands to volunteer for your campaign or organization – from anywhere on earth. Shire offers a fully-functioning internal communications platform, as powerful as Slack for organizers, as easy-to-use as social media for volunteers, integrating with your existing tools, and fully encrypted to protect your data. Onboard & engage volunteers with ease.

Social Currant is a tech platform that matches progressive nonprofits and impact brands with the right creators. Source, communicate with and manage your creators in one place. The platform also comes with payments and contracts, saving you time. Social Currant is a Gen Z led company and has been featured in the New York Times, Business Insider and other publications.

Swayable is a data platform that measures how content  changes political opinions, such as issue support or intent-to-vote for a candidate. We pre-test messages and creative to identify what stories change minds and who they persuade. Our clients include Democratic party committees, media agencies, PACs, non-profits, and progressive campaigns at all levels (from Presidential down to State House). Swayable is incorporated as a public benefit corporation dedicated to effective truth telling.

The TESA Collective creates tools, programs, and games for your cause. We can team up with you to build powerful educational programs as well as custom games (digital or physical) that support the mission you are fighting for. We’ve worked with amazing groups such as Planned Parenthood, The Nature Conservancy, Jobs with Justice, The Center for Story-Based Strategy, and many more. You can also buy our board games about changing the world on our site.

Welcome!  We are the leading source for all products American /Union made. The past 50 years have connected us with political campaigns of all sizes. We are a perfect blend of competitive pricing, experience, creativity, and customer service. Stop by and see what the Tigereye advantage means for you!

Universe is an all-in-one campaign management platform built in local campaign offices, for local organizers. Campaign tech has evolved to be fragmented, expensive, and built for large campaigns with internal technology teams. Universe is built exclusively for down ballot campaigns, local organizations, and first-time candidates – giving them access to all of the modern tooling they need to run their campaign, even without a large budget or in-house tech team.

VDX.tv is a global video advertising technology company that helps brands magnify the magic of their TV advertising. We scale TV ad experiences across household digital devices through video-driven ads that consumers can interact with. Our industry-specific solutions leverage attention, relevancy and frequency to deepen connections between brands and consumers.

Vital Voters is a boutique agency created in 2020 to gather data on immigrant voters and work with political campaigns and advocacy organizations to develop customized outreach plans. We have developed an interactive map of immigrant voters in battleground states to make it easier to identify, understand, and target immigrant voters.

Voqal is a philanthropic organization committed to the promotion of social equity. Voqal makes grants to nonprofits fighting systemic inequity, provides capital to entrepreneurs and businesses working to advance social justice, advocates for public policy changes that promote progressive norms and rules, and operates a business that expands internet access and digital equity.

VOTE411.org is a “one-stop-shop” for all the election information you need, available in English and Spanish. Check your voter registration, find your polling place, learn about candidates, and more. Brought to you by the League of Women Voters Education Fund.

What might have happened if the January 6, 2021 Insurrection had been successful? That’s the premise of 1/6: The Graphic Novel, produced by OneSixComics and the Western States Center. 1/6 is a striking visual story, an organizing and educational tool, and a call to action to defend our multicultural democracy. A free Education and Action Guide offers ideas for addressing white supremacy and bigotry, disinformation, and threats to our democratic values.

Winnable, from Blueshift Technologies, empowers progressive down-ballot campaigns and issue advocacy organizations to create high-quality websites for minimal cost. Built by experienced campaign professionals for campaigns, Winnable makes launching a website as easy as possible, while offering best-in-class technical support.

WisDems earned recognition from the Washington Post as 2020’s State Party of the Year after helping power Jill Karofsky’s state Supreme Court landslide that spring, Biden’s victory that November, and—in partnership with Governor Tony Evers—a successful Save The Veto campaign that prevented Republican supermajorities in the state legislature. The party’s landmark virtual fundraising events, including a live cast reading of The Princess Bride, raised millions of dollars and led Fast Company to dub WisDems “the only state party with its own national identity” in their “10 most innovative branding companies” list. WisDems’ organizing innovations have set voter contact records in the state and become national models; as the New York Times wrote, “Look to Wisconsin for Lessons on a Digital Campaign During a Pandemic.”