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Headquartered in Massachusetts with staff and offices in five states and in Washington D.C., 617MediaGroup provides a range of communication and media services to a select group of clients. Together, we combine decades of experience and knowledge in the labor, non-profit, health care, advocacy, and political sectors to craft custom strategies and solutions for our clients.

@advocacy is an influencer advocacy studio that builds community, visibility, and enthusiasm for progressive causes — candidates, PACs, and nonprofits. Working with a vast online influencer network, reaching more than 35 million highly-engaged progressives, @advocacy extends beyond typical list growth strategies to engage new, passionate, valuable supporters for the immediate and long-term.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit educational and advocacy organization that brings together people of all religions and none to protect the right of everyone to believe as they want — and stop anyone from using their beliefs to harm others. We fight in the courts, legislatures, and the public square for freedom without favor and equality without exception.

The Athena Coalition is building a popular movement dedicated to defeating Amazon’s unchecked power and advancing a democracy that represents us all. We are over 50 local and national racial justice and worker organizations, think tanks, small business, public policy and grassroots groups confronting Amazon’s intersecting harms on our streets, in its warehouses, and across halls of power.
Bel by Cambrya helps Democrats & Progressive organizations leverage the power of technology to meaningfully engage with constituents on social media platforms. Our dynamic software finds the people your issue-based messages resonate with. Bel identifies and optimizes target universes in real-time, saving you valuable time and ad dollars. Let’s win together!

Brady has one powerful mission — to unite all Americans against gun violence. We work across Congress, the courts, and our communities with over 90 grassroots chapters, bringing together young and old, red and blue, and every shade of color to find common ground in common sense. In the spirit of our namesakes Jim and Sarah Brady, we have fought for over 45 years to take action, not sides, and we will not stop until this epidemic ends. It’s in our hands. Team ENOUGH is a youth-led organization, supported by Brady, whose mission is to educate young voices about gun violence and mobilize them to take meaningful action against it.

Buttonsmith, Inc. is a union-affiliated (IUPAT) American manufacturing operation, which makes buttons, badge reels, lanyards, magnets and custom-printed T-shirts. Founded 2013, by then-10-year old Henry, using his mom’s old campaign-making button equipment. Buttonsmith will be happy to make your custom items, complete with union bug!

Run your organizing campaigns on CallHub‘s all-in-one digital platform. Run large calling, texting, and email campaigns with the most advanced features and built-in automation. Stay safe with end to end data security and compliance features. Enjoy the best prices in the market — available in 200+ countries. Visit us at our Netroots Nation booth for a quick demo!

Campaign Deputy is a CRM that empowers Progressives to easily manage their fundraising, digital, and compliance needs allowing them to focus on the important work of building movements, changing the conversation, and turning out voters.

Cicero is a comprehensive database of elected officials and legislative districts. We carry national, state, and local level data for the US and 8 other countries. Cicero enables you to match constituents with their representatives based on address-level data, leading to endless possibilities.

CCC‘s mission is to inform, empower, and work for and with communities affected by the mining, processing, and use of coal. We serve as the public’s watchdog on the coal industry and the government agencies that oversee mining; provide a public interest forum for the exchange of ideas; serve as a vehicle for bringing issues before national and state policymakers; monitor federal and state regulations, policies, and legal decisions; serve as a mutual support group among citizen coalfield leaders; encourage strategic alliances to connect local advocates to broader national environmental efforts; and bring major coal-related socioeconomic and environmental issues to the nation’s attention.

Civic Shout is a paid email and SMS acquisition platform for Democratic campaigns and progressive nonprofits. We make it ridiculously easy to publish petitions and grow your opt-in email and SMS communities with high-quality, fixed-cost supporters who actually want to hear from you.

Civitech is a public benefit corporation that provides an affordable and accessible suite of tools to register and turn out voters, recruit candidates to run for office, and help Democratic and progressive candidates and causes win.

Concerted Action is your digital organizing superpower.

Cornershop Creative is an award-winning online services company committed to listening carefully to our nonprofit organizations, political candidates, and small business clients. We’re all about helping organizations make the most of the web. Whether your goals are in website design, fundraising, advocacy, sales, or engagement, our team has the technical experience to make it happen… and the communication skills to make it fun!

Firefly Partners is a digital marketing agency that specializes in creating custom digital solutions for progressive nonprofits. We work in partnership to design beautifully inclusive and fully accessible websites, integrate platforms, create effective emails, and optimize digital tools to help organizations achieve their goals. We bring put your DEI plans into action in the digital world.

Generation Data is a national, mission driven non-profit. Our focus is on recruiting and training the next generation of diverse data and technology practitioners who will help progressive organizations achieve victory at the national, state, and local levels.

The Groundwork Collaborative advances a coherent, persuasive progressive economic worldview and narrative in collaboration with a diverse array of partners. We envision an economic system that produces strong, broadly shared prosperity and abundance for all people, not just a wealthy few. Our work is driven by one core guiding principle: WE ARE THE ECONOMY!

LGBT Netroots Connect sponsors programs throughout the year, including a Netroots Nation pre-conference for LGBT leaders, journalists, activists and organizations, and allies. Our events also include training, support and education geared toward expanding participation in the LGBT movement, strategic meetings with online change agents and organizations, and networking. Our work includes programming around social media, LGBTQ history and equality, and the building of partnerships between online and off line organizations.

Main St Democrats is a community dedicated to recruiting and training grassroots volunteers to help Democrats win elections.

March of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies. We support research, lead programs and provide education and advocacy so that every family can have the best possible start. Building on a successful 84-year legacy, we support every pregnant person and every family. Visit marchofdimes.org or nacersano.org for more information. Visit shareyourstory.org for comfort and support. Find us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Music City Creative is a Nashville-based print shop that specializes in eco-friendly merchandise for special projects, events, brands, artists, and more. At Music City Creative, we focus on curating a strong, diverse, and passionate team. Through community-conscious practices, we deliver creative solutions through innovative design at a fair and sustainable profit. We partner with National and local brands to support the advancement of social equity and mobility through our designs, diverse hiring practices, and partnerships with nonprofit groups. Music City Creative has millions of views across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

The National Popular Vote bill is a way for states to work together to guarantee that the winner of the national popular vote wins the electoral college and the presidency. No more second place presidents, no more candidates campaigning in only a handful of battleground states – instead every vote will be equal and the candidate with the most votes wins. So far 15 states & D.C. have passed our bill, with a total of 195 electoral votes. Once states with 75 additional electoral votes join, the agreement will go into effect. We only need a few more states to join for America to elect the President on a “one person, one vote” basis.

NewWave Strategies is focused on building message-forward fundraising campaigns for rural, red-to-blue, and hard to win races. Our data-driven approach unleashes candidates so they can focus on what matters most: the voters. Partner with us today and together we can build Democratic infrastructure from the bottom up!

Old Pros is creating conditions to change the status of sex workers in society. We elevate sex worker stories through news, history, and events that invite people to rethink the oldest profession. We are looking to serve as a resource to organizations that want to educate themselves and their audience about this issue. Sex worker rights are foundational to the rights of women, LGBTQ+ folks, people with disabilities, Black, immigrant and other over-policed communities.

PDI’s unparalleled data and robust tools help you mobilize supporters, volunteers, and voters. We are seasoned tech leaders, data experts, relational experts, tech product designers. We have been on the ground, we are in the movement, and we’ve got your back. From our Campaign Center to our relational organizing and fundraising, we deliver the tools you need to organize, activate, and win.


People’s Parity Project is a movement of lawyers and law students organizing for a democratized legal system which values people over profits and builds the power of working people. Through organizing, policy innovation and political education, we’re dismantling a profession that upholds corporate power and building a legal system that is a force for justice.

PM Press publishes nonfiction and fiction books and media to educate, entertain, and inspire! We aim to deliver political and challenging ideas to all walks of life. We’re old enough to know what we’re doing and young enough to know what’s at stake.

Prompt.io™ is a robust texting platform for political organizations, advocacy groups, nonprofits and union uses. We service customers via fully registered 10DLC, toll free, and short code.

Raftr is a community-building and insights platform that reimagines communities so members can connect and thrive. We provide organizations with the tools to build customized, private, online communities that in turn provide actionable insights about their members so they can improve reach, retention and mobilization.

Rank the Vote is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that empowers people across America to rapidly build grassroots movements for Ranked Choice Voting right where they live, creating the preconditions for successful municipal and statewide enactment campaigns. Email us or schedule follow up so we can work together to grow support for RCV!

Aswar Rahman is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer with extensive, impactful experience in congressional, presidential, and legislative campaigns. With an emphasis on speed and brand integrity, Rapid Graphic Design by Aswar offers a range of flexible options to meet the full visual creative needs of progressive campaigns and organizations.

RUN! is the do-it-yourself web site builder for Democratic and progressive campaigns. Campaigns today are caught between two extremes: either hire an expensive firm to make a professional site or take their chances on generic site builders not geared towards their needs. RUN! is here to bridge the gap–providing high quality sites at a price campaigns can afford. Learn more and try for free at designedtorun.com.

Secular Strategies is empowering policymakers, lawmakers, and change-makers to be effective champions of secularism in the United States. We are pioneering the mobilization of the largest, fastest growing religious demographic in the nation: the religiously unaffiliated. We develop impactful, inclusive partnerships between the faith community and the nonreligious community to bolster religious freedom for all Americans. We work collaboratively with our partners to advance secular values in public policy. We are in the business of building a movement, driven by our commitment to protecting the First Amendment freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

Shire is the first digital office built for political campaigns, dedicated to enabling thousands to volunteer for your campaign or organization – from anywhere on earth. As powerful as Slack for organizers, as easy-to-use as social media for volunteers, integrating with your existing tools, and fully encrypted to protect your data.

Swayable is a data platform that measures how content  changes political opinions, such as issue support or intent-to-vote for a candidate. We pre-test messages and creative to identify what stories change minds and who they persuade. Our clients include Democratic party committees, media agencies, PACs, non-profits, and progressive campaigns at all levels (from Presidential down to State House). Swayable is incorporated as a public benefit corporation dedicated to effective truth telling.

Teal Media is a woman-owned full service creative agency with a conscience. We believe purposeful design can transform organizations, inspire action, and enable progress. We offer brand strategy, custom website design and development, and ongoing creative support for nonprofits, progressive candidates, and mission-driven organizations.

The Big Idea Bookstore is a volunteer-run anarchist bookstore operating since 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Offering radical books and magazines to the community and a place to read them.

The Outrage is your hub for activism — providing both the scaffolding and venue to make change a reality through sustained civic engagement.We seek to be the megaphone, not the voice, as we build community and shift culture by leveraging events, activations, fashion, marketing, membership, and IRL community spaces to amplify social issues.

Vital Voters is a boutique agency created in 2020 to gather data on immigrant voters and work with political campaigns and advocacy organizations to develop customized outreach plans. We have developed an interactive map of immigrant voters in battleground states to make it easier to identify, understand, and target immigrant voters.

Voqal is a philanthropic organization committed to the promotion of social equity. Voqal makes grants to nonprofits fighting systemic inequity, provides capital to entrepreneurs and businesses working to advance social justice, advocates for public policy changes that promote progressive norms and rules, and operates a business that expands internet access and digital equity.

WisDems earned recognition from the Washington Post as 2020’s State Party of the Year after helping power Jill Karofsky’s state Supreme Court landslide that spring, Biden’s victory that November, and—in partnership with Governor Tony Evers—a successful Save The Veto campaign that prevented Republican supermajorities in the state legislature. The party’s landmark virtual fundraising events, including a live cast reading of The Princess Bride, raised millions of dollars and led Fast Company to dub WisDems “the only state party with its own national identity” in their “10 most innovative branding companies” list. WisDems’ organizing innovations have set voter contact records in the state and become national models; as the New York Times wrote, “Look to Wisconsin for Lessons on a Digital Campaign During a Pandemic.”