Moving into Action: Raising the Bar for Co-conspirators

Moving into Action: Raising the Bar for Co-conspirators

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Friday, Jul. 15 9:00 AM

Ends: Friday, Jul. 15 10:15 AM

Room: 222

Many non-Black progressives profess anti-racist values online and in conversation but fail to show up when action is needed. How do we move people with privilege up the ladder of engagement to riskier actions? How do we get them to show up — in the streets, in the office and in institutions—and is showing up enough? Solving the puzzle of turning out groups that aren’t most affected by our issues is critical to building strong movements. Panelists on the front lines of social justice campaigns will share case studies and lessons learned from turning out co-conspirators to protest, donate and lead.


Julien Burns


Julien is a digital strategist and anti-racist organizer based in New Orleans. As a member of European Dissent he turns out white co-conspirators in support of POC-led campaigns. In 2015, he led digital engagement for Take ‘Em Down NOLA as they built a successful multiracial movement to take down Confederate monuments. At Fission Strategy he helps advocacy organizations develop audience-specific digital strategies that move supporters up the ladder of engagement.

Julien’s background is in community engagement and advocacy training in the AIDS field. He has helped dozens of emerging advocates from marginalized populations develop their voices and has organized and facilitated panels with an eye towards featuring these voices.

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Heather Cronk

Heather Cronk

Heather joined GetEQUAL in May 2010. Prior to her work with GetEQUAL, Heather was the Chief Operating Officer at the New Organizing Institute, overseeing operations and expanding programs. Heather has also worked with organizations such as mySociety in the U.K. and with in the U.S., always focused on building community and pushing for tangible social change. A native of Lexington, KY, Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in religion/philosophy from Berry College in Rome, GA, and a Master of Divinity degree from Wake Forest University Divinity School in Winston-Salem, NC.

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Cayden Mak


Cayden Mak is Executive Director at 18 Million Rising, organizing Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) and their allies online. As part of 18MR’s founding staff, they were an integral part of developing the organization’s vision, voice, analysis, and playbook. In their previous role as Chief Technology Officer, they were the driving force and product manager behind community-centered design for civic tech project VoterVOX, a community-designed matching tool to help find personalized volunteer translation assistance for limited English proficient voters.

Their organizing history also includes cofounding grassroots media startups (, cofounding a statewide student organizing network (New York Students Rising), serving as a union officer and staff organizer (CWA 1104, Education Division), and contributing to organizing the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, MI.

In addition to their day job, they serve as the chair of the advisory board for the Kairos Fellowship, and enjoy powerlifting and Magic: the Gathering.

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Dara Silverman


Dara Silverman is a consultant, coach, organizer and trainer who has been building movements for economic, racial, gender and social justice for over 20 years. Dara is the National Coordinator for SURJ: Showing Up for Racial Justice, a network of 150+ groups across the US moving white people into action for racial justice. Dara was the Executive Director of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) in New York City from 2003-2009. Dara grew up in Ithaca and currently lives in Beacon NY in the Hudson Valley. She supports leaders to be in the movement for the long haul.

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Monique Teal


Monique first joined DFA after two years as the National Field Director for the US Student Association (USSA). While with USSA, she worked to hold state and national leaders accountable on key progressive issues, such as education, healthcare, immigration reform and labor rights by mobilizing college & university campuses. For the 2010 election, she organized voter registration, education and get-out-the-vote efforts on over 100 campuses resulting in over 70,000 registered voters. Once the 111th Congressional session wrapped, Monique moved to DFA as a National Field Organizer and Campaign Academy Organizer. Throughout 2011 she trained, recruited and developed activists, organizers and candidates in grassroots tactics and strategy. In 2012, Monique moved to MN-08 to direct CREDO SuperPAC’s campaign to defeat the worst tea-party members of Congress. After a successful campaign, Monique happily returned to DFA to continue recruiting, training and developing the progressive bench in all 50 states.

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