Whether you’re a grassroots activist, brand new organizer or digital director, our training sessions will teach you how be to more effective in your work. Our training program covers a breadth of skill levels, from basic online organizing to advanced, as well as topics like communications and grassroots organizing and campaigns.

You can get a peek at some of our trainings from 2019 below. Our lineup for 2020 will be released in the spring.

Basic Online Organizing

These trainings cover the skills needed to run a successful online campaign. If you’re new to digital organizing, these sessions are for you.

  • Basics Bootcamp: Choosing the Best Digital Actions for Your Advocacy
  • You’re Better than Boosted Posts: Digital Ads 101
  • You Gotta Organize to Mobilize: How to Do Digital for a Mass Mobilization or Direct Action
Advanced Online Organizing

Are you interested in cutting-edge techniques and technology? If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, these sessions are for you.

  • Email Going to Spam? Learn Deliverability from the Experts
  • Google Tag Manager: The Wand of Digital Power
  • What is Absorption? Turning Mobilizing into Organizing at Scale

Want to get more media coverage or looking to improve your messaging and media presence? Then these sessions are for you.

  • When Preparation Meets Opportunity: A Simulation on Rapid Response Communications
  • The Power of the Pod: Podcast Activism and Movement Building
  • The Power of Persona: Shape Your Story Into a Powerful Digital Presence
Grassroots Activism

Looking to hone your offline activism skills? These sessions on topics like coalition building, fundraising and voter contact are for you.

  • Open Canvassing: Tech and Techniques Developed During Ocasio 2018
  • Congressional Advocacy 2.0: You’ve Met with Your Member. Now What?
  • Are You a Nonprofit Gearing Up for 2020? Here’s What You Need to Know