Whether you’re a grassroots activist, brand new organizer or digital director, our training sessions will teach you how be to more effective in your work. Our training program covers a breadth of skill levels, from basic online organizing to advanced, as well as topics like communications and grassroots organizing and campaigns.

You can get a peek at some of our trainings for 2019 below. Click here to browse our full list of trainings.

Basic Online Organizing

These trainings cover the skills needed to run a successful online campaign. If you’re new to digital organizing, these sessions are for you.

These sessions include:

  • Basics Bootcamp: Choosing the Best Digital Actions for Your Advocacy
  • You’re Better than Boosted Posts: Digital Ads 101
  • You Gotta Organize to Mobilize: How to Do Digital for a Mass Mobilization or Direct Action
Advanced Online Organizing

Are you interested in cutting-edge techniques and technology? If you’re looking to take your skills to the next level, these sessions are for you.

These sessions include:

  • Email Going to Spam? Learn Deliverability from the Experts
  • Google Tag Manager: The Wand of Digital Power
  • What is Absorption? Turning Mobilizing into Organizing at Scale

Want to get more media coverage or looking to improve your messaging and media presence? Then these sessions are for you.

These sessions include:

  • When Preparation Meets Opportunity: A Simulation on Rapid Response Communications
  • The Power of the Pod: Podcast Activism and Movement Building
  • The Power of Persona: Shape Your Story Into a Powerful Digital Presence
Grassroots Activism

Looking to hone your offline activism skills? These sessions on topics like coalition building, fundraising and voter contact are for you.

These sessions include:

  • Open Canvassing: Tech and Techniques Developed During Ocasio 2018
  • Congressional Advocacy 2.0: You’ve Met with Your Member. Now What?
  • Are You a Nonprofit Gearing Up for 2020? Here’s What You Need to Know