Each year our agenda includes panels on almost every progressive issue, from current battles to long-term movement strategy. You can get a peek at some of our panels from 2019 below. Our lineup for 2020 will be released in the spring.

Big Picture

Many of our sessions look beyond the current news cycle and challenge attendees to think big picture and long-term.

Big-picture panels include:

  • And She Could Be Next: The Rise of Women of Color as a Transformative Political Force
  • Is It Time for a General Strike?
  • New Tech City? Smart Cities, Tech-Driven Development and Creating the Communities We Want
Issue Based

These panels focus on issues ranging from climate change to economic justice and how progressives are moving that issue forward.

Issue-focused panels include:

  • Making the Green New Deal Real
  • Tearing Down Cages: How We Divest from the ICE Police State and Invest in Thriving Communities
  • What Philly Taught Us: How Philadelphia Activists Beat School Privatization to Restore Local Control
Campaign Focused

Some panels break down valuable lessons learned from past campaigns or discuss strategy for upcoming election cycles.

Campaign-focused panels include:

  • Different Math: Candidates and Campaigns that Changed the Voter Landscape
  • For the People: How Primaries Build Power and Transform What is Possible
  • Equality at the Ballot Box: Lessons from Standing Rock

These panels focus on cutting-edge tools, tactics and best practices that can be applied to any issue or campaign.

Tactical panels include:

  • Don’t Put Digital in the Corner: Why Every Department Should be Using Digital Tools and Tactics
  • Field-Centric Data: Building Feedback Loops
  • Relational Organizing Insights from the Field: Scaling for the 2019/2020 Cycle