Each year our agenda includes panels on almost every progressive issue, from current battles to long-term movement strategy.

This year, you’ll find lots of content around the upcoming midterms and how investing in the New American Majority philosophy can help us win in 2018 and beyond. Many predict a “blue wave” this fall, but to win big Democrats must abandon the myth of the white swing voter and invest in the multiracial, multicultural, progressive coalition of voters that make up the majority of our electorate. You’ll hear from organizations and candidates whose campaigns are demonstrating the power of mobilizing this majority and building a truly reflective democracy.

Below is a peek at just a few of our sessions for 2018. Click here to view all 90 of our panels that will be presented in New Orleans.
Big Picture

Many of our sessions look beyond the current news cycle and challenge attendees to think big picture and long-term.

Big-picture panels include:

  • This Is What Democracy Should Look Like: 2018 & Beyond
  • A Progressive Vision for a 21st Century Social Contract
  • Are We Working Together? Navigating Partnerships with a New Democratic Party and the New Grassroots
Issue Based

These panels focus on issues ranging from climate change to economic justice and how progressives are moving that issue forward.

Issue-focused panels include:

  • Why It’s Time for Medicare for All
  • The Kids are More than Alright: How Youth Will Save Us from Gun Violence
  • From Chains to Change: Race and the Right to Vote in the Nation’s Incarceration Capital
Campaign Focused

Some panels break down valuable lessons learned from past campaigns or discuss strategy for upcoming election cycles.

Campaign-focused panels include:

  • Moving the Ball Forward in the Deep South: Why What Works in Your Town Doesn’t Work in Ours
  • Brown Is the New White: 2018 and the New American Majority
  • Base Drop: How “Missing” Base Voters are the Key to Democratic Majorities at Every Level

These panels focus on cutting-edge tools, tactics and best practices that can be applied to any issue or campaign.

Tactical panels include:

  • Beyond Fake News: Opposition Research in a Digital World
  • The New Digital Mercenaries: Harnessing the Power of Volunteers to Win Elections
  • No Superpac? No Problem! How to Define a Candidate with Grassroots Actions