Each year our agenda includes panels on almost every progressive issue, from current battles to long-term movement strategy. Get a peek at some of last year’s sessions below. Our 2022 agenda will be released later this spring.

Big Picture

Many of our sessions look beyond the current news cycle and challenge attendees to think big picture and long-term.

Big-picture panels include:

  • Driving Digital Division: Race and Gender in the Fight Against Disinformation
  • Winning is Easy, Governing is Harder: Moving from Electoral Victory to Policy Change
  • Disaster Strategy So White: How a Lack of Inclusivity Harms Recovery Efforts
Issue Based

These panels focus on issues ranging from climate change to economic justice and how progressives are moving that issue forward.

Issue-focused panels include:

  • Why Now? The Case for Climate Reparations
  • Guarantees for a Good Life: Income, Housing, Jobs and Family Care
  • #TakeBackTech: Ending Mass Criminalization in the Digital Age
Campaign Focused

Some panels break down valuable lessons learned from past campaigns or discuss strategy for upcoming election cycles.

Campaign-focused panels include:

  • Maximizing Mail-In Ballot Systems for Increased Turnout and Equity
  • The DA Pipeline: Investing in District Attorney Races Across the Country
  • Protecting the Vote: Cybersecurity, Misinformation, and the Aftermath of Iowa

These panels focus on cutting-edge tools, tactics and best practices that can be applied to any issue or campaign.

Tactical panels include:

  • Ethical Email: How to Avoid the Tragedy of the Commons
  • Deep Canvassing and the Race-Class Narrative: Proven Strategies to Mobilize
  • Racist Data: Is Your Work Inclusive, POC-centered, or Truly Anti-racist?