Our agenda includes 80+ panels on almost every progressive issue, from current battles to long-term movement strategy. You’ll find sessions centered on resistance organizing, as well as panels about what we as progressives stand for and big-picture conversations about building progressive change beyond the next four years. We’ve also got sessions on movement health and sustainability, panels highlighting activism in our host city/state and even some lighthearted sessions on topics like arts and cultural organizing.

Below is a peek at some of our panels. To browse our 80+ sessions from 2017, click here.

Big Picture

Many of our sessions look beyond the current news cycle and challenge attendees to think big picture and long-term.

Big-picture panels include:

  • Pivoting Left: How We Win by Standing Up for Working Families and Embracing Progressive Values
  • A Progresssive Vision of Universal Basic Income
  • Building a 21st Century Movement Against Militarism
Issue Based

These panels focus on issues ranging from climate change to economic justice and how progressives are moving that issue forward.

Issue-focused panels include:

  • Climate Change: Who Will Be Hit First and Worst if We Don’t Act?
  • Y’all Means All: Fighting for LGBTQ Rights in the South
  • Resisting With Vision: Building the Abortion Rights Movement City by City
Campaign Focused

Some panels break down valuable lessons learned from past campaigns or discuss strategy for upcoming election cycles.

Campaign-focused panels include:

  • Drawing a Roadmap for Reclaiming Our State Legislatures
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Digital Design in 2016 and Beyond
  • Leaving it All on the Field: The Midterm Elections in the Resistance Era

These panels focus on cutting-edge tools, tactics and best practices that can be applied to any issue or campaign.

Tactical panels include:

  • Game of Phones: Rapid Response Calling in the Age of Trump
  • Emotional Intelligence: New Research on Emotional Messaging
  • From Demonstration to Legislation: How Organizing Will Win Back Progressive Power