Running on Climate: 2022 Lessons that Can Help Democrats Win in 2024

Running on Climate: 2022 Lessons that Can Help Democrats Win in 2024

Session Type(s): Featured Panel, Streamed Session

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 15 1:00 PM (Central)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 15 2:15 PM (Central)

Room: Continental C

In 2022, the power of climate and other issue-based voting was on clear display, vital to winning up and down the ballot and to flipping swing seats and states. Democrats had the best midterm elections in the first term since the Kennedy administration because both the base and less-frequent voters turned out to vote on the issues. The climate and environmental justice crises are escalating—as are their importance to voters. What do the midterms teach about how and why to run on climate in 2024? How can Democrats best communicate climate achievements as well as urgency? Join us to discuss takeaways from 2022—and why leaning into climate issues is a winning strategy for 2024 and beyond.


Michelle Deatrick

Michelle Deatrick

Michelle Regalado Deatrick is the Chair and Founder of the Democratic National Committee’s first-ever Environment and Climate Crisis Council, She writes, advocates and organizes for people, just policy, and planet, and has a lifelong commitment to public service and community.

Michelle serves on the National Advisory Boards of Climate Power and OnePointFive Climate. She served recently as Vice Chair of her County Commission, in a 3-term rural red seat that she flipped to blue, running on environmental and infrastructure issues. As a county commissioner, Michelle founded her County’s first Environmental Council, spearheaded measures committing the County to ambitious decarbonization targets, and signed it on as the first county east of the Rockies to join the County Climate Reality Coalition.

Michelle’s lifetime commitment to public service and community includes advocacy for workers’ rights and labor: as a proud member of UAW 2230, an NWU delegate to her regional labor federation and the national NWU, and a former Michigan One Fair Wage spokesperson.

She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in East Africa. A policy analyst and an internationally honored poet of environmental and social justice, Michelle lives on her family’s 80 acre farm and rewilded prairie in southeast Michigan.

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