How Labor Can Help Build a Progressive Media for the 21st Century

How Labor Can Help Build a Progressive Media for the 21st Century

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 15 2:30 PM (Central)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 15 3:30 PM (Central)

Room: Salon A-4

In the past three years, interest in labor organizing has exploded, along with public attention. High profile organizing campaigns and strikes are constantly in the news. Yet the once-robust labor media has declined for decades alongside unions themselves, leaving the movement today dependent largely on mainstream reporters unfamiliar with the labor movement. In our panel, four veteran labor journalists—who are themselves rooted in the values of the movement—will talk about how to build, grow and maintain a new and thriving progressive media for the 21st Century. The panel will discuss how the newly energized labor movement can work together with progressive journalists to build a strong independent media that can scale.


Hamilton Nolan

Labor reporter, In These Times.

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Maximillian Alvarez

Maximillian Alvarez is the Editor-in-Chief of The Real News Network in Baltimore and the host of Working People, “a podcast about the lives, jobs, dreams, and struggles of the working class today.” He’s also the author of The Work of Living, a book of interviews with workers conducted after year one of COVID, and he hosts “The Art of Class War” segment on Breaking Points.

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Miles Kampf-Lassin

Miles Kampf-Lassin is a writer and editor at In These Times magazine, a national progressive publication that covers left politics and social movements. He has written for outlets including The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation and Jacobin.

Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly is a freelance journalist and the author of ‘FIGHT LIKE HELL: The Untold History of American Labor.’ She is currently a labor columnist for Teen Vogue and Fast Company, and her writings on labor, politics, and culture have appeared in the Nation, Rolling Stone, Esquire, the Baffler, the New York Times, and many others. She is a proud member of and councilperson for the Writers Guild of America, East, and is based in Philadelphia.

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