Live Tweet Your Way to Success

Live Tweet Your Way to Success

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Basic Online Organizing

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 2 2:30 PM

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 2 3:45 PM

Room: R02

Live tweeting protests, panels, elections days, conferences (like the one we’re at today!) and even TV shows are some of the most effective ways to grow an engaged Twitter following for yourself and/or your organization. We’ll share strategies for live tweeting that you can use right away so that your being at #NN18 will grow your Twitter account. We’ll show the value of leveraging personal and organizational Twitter accounts together. Learn how popular culture moments like award shows and TV twitter present opportunities for Twitter engagement beyond your existing base. Skill level: If you or your organization has a Twitter account and use it, even occasionally and poorly, you’ll be good to go. If you’ve never seen Twitter before, this may not be a fit.


Elana Levin

Elana Levin

Elana has worked at the intersection of popular culture and online organizing for over a decade, connecting nonprofits with pop culture creators and fans and applying the lessons of storytelling to the fight for social and economic justice. She co-organized the Black Panther #FanActivistCon and hosts Graphic Policy Radio podcasts (“Where comics and politics meet”).

Elana is Program Director at New Media Mentors, the official trainings partner of Netroots Nation. Through NMM progressives can access individual training in social media skills any time online.

She joins Netroots Nation’s staff after serving as digital director for labor unions and community based organizations and has lead trainings for over 3,000 progressives as co-founder of Organizing 2.0. Elana tweets about the labor movement, online organizing and superhero comics at @Elana_Brooklyn.

Other sessions: The Future of Progressive Pop Culture Organizing, Pop Culture Caucus, A Wrinkle in Time: Using Pop Culture Stories to Mobilize and Organize Communities

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