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Take a Walk, Scott: Post-Mortem of the Wisconsin Recalls

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Friday, Jun. 8 10:30 AM

Ends: Friday, Jun. 8 11:45 AM

Room: Ballroom A

On June 5, progressives across the country will either be celebrating Scott Walker’s recall loss or angry about his victory. Either way, this panel will serve as a post-mortem for the long, hard fight for sanity in Wisconsin.

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Kaili Lambe

Kaili Lambe

Growing up in the beautiful, blue state of Hawaii, Kaili’s interest in politics was sparked by the 2000 election debacle — and two very good history and government teachers. While a student at Dartmouth College, Kaili got her first hands-on political experience working for the Paul Hodes for Congress campaign in 2006. Being in the first-in-the-nation state of New Hampshire, she couldn’t help but be involved in the 2008 presidential primaries and – of course – general election. After some work in the non-profit advocacy world and a heartbreaking loss in 2010, she joined the team at Democracy for America where she ran online issue advocacy campaigns and managed DFA’s member engagement on fracking. She currently runs the candidate and electoral program at DFA. In the little spare time she has, Kaili enjoys yoga, spending time outdoors and eating delicious vegetarian food.


Kristen Crowell


Kristen Crowell is the Executive Director of We Are Wisconsin, the grassroots coalition that grew out of the out rising that began in Madison, WI and spread nation-wide. In the 2011 Wisconsin Recalls, Crowell served as the Field Director and piloted innovative field programs such as the Relational Voter Program and Community Labor Alliances. Prior to working for We Are Wisconsin, Crowell was the Founding Director of Wisconsin Progress, a state-based candidate recruitment and training organization committed to electing progressive candidates at the local and state level. Kristen has extensive campaign experience, working on over 140 local and state based races. Prior to working in electoral politics, Crowell spent six years as a community organizer working with faith based organization working to advance issues such as immigrants’ rights, education funding reform, and treatment instead of prison. Kristen has four amazing children, three daughters ages 16, 13, and 4 and a little boy who is 3.

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Emily Mills


Emily is the current editor of, a grassroots, independent media website that covers the news, politics, arts and culture of Wisconsin. While not a native to the state, she has been covering current events here for the last several years and was there from day one of the Wisconsin uprising in 2011. Emily is also a freelance writer and photographer, some of her work having appeared in the Progressive, Isthmus, the Capital Times, Wisconsin People & Ideas, and more.

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Harry Waisbren


Harry Waisbren is an organizer with the Job Party and Occupy Wall Street, a social media analyst, and a proud Wisconsinite and NYC transplant alike. Harry has recently been published for the first time with an essay in Anya Schiffrin’s ‘From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices From the Global Spring’, in which he recounts the progression of the movement from the state capitol occupation in Madison to OWS at Zuccotti Park. He is on the ‘Your Inbox: Occupied’ team that manages the OWS email list through the Tech Ops working group. Of late Harry has been focusing on developing a new web-platform — — which is designed to counter the smears and lies of SuperPac TV advertisements by inspiring the creation and coordinating the distribution of online videos from regular citizens that tell the truth.

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