Speaker Profile

Harry Waisbren

Job Party

Harry Waisbren is an organizer with the Job Party and Occupy Wall Street, a social media analyst, and a proud Wisconsinite and NYC transplant alike. Harry has recently been published for the first time with an essay in Anya Schiffrin's ‘From Cairo to Wall Street: Voices From the Global Spring’, in which he recounts the progression of the movement from the state capitol occupation in Madison to OWS at Zuccotti Park. He is on the 'Your Inbox: Occupied' team that manages the OWS email list through the Tech Ops working group. Of late Harry has been focusing on developing a new web-platform -- SuperVoters.org -- which is designed to counter the smears and lies of SuperPac TV advertisements by inspiring the creation and coordinating the distribution of online videos from regular citizens that tell the truth.

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