Info for Speakers

Thank you for being a presenter at this year’s Netroots Nation! All of our programming will be accessed through a virtual platform called Socio, which has its own proprietary streaming platform. It works similar to Zoom, but there are a few differences. 

Please read this entire page in preparation for your session.

First, a few tech reminders:

  • Speakers should present from a desktop/laptop, NOT a mobile device.
  • The platform is optimized for Google Chrome or Firefox. 
  • Hardwired (ethernet) internet connection or strong wifi is needed.

How will I join my session?

On Monday, October 4, you will receive a Google calendar invite for your session that includes your link to join on the day of the event. Please join your session 15 mins before the start time. (Note: The calendar invite may adjust for your local time zone, but our sessions are all scheduled for Eastern time.

  1. To join, click the link provided in the calendar invite. You’ll be taken to the backstage “green room” to check your settings before joining the stream.
  2. Your browser will likely prompt you to grant Socio access to your camera and mic. Please allow access to both.
  3. Enter your name under the READY TO JOIN box and click “Join stream.”
  4. You will be moved into Socio’s streaming studio, but you won’t be live until the host begins the session at the designated start time. 

Click here for more details about joining your live broadcast.

Will I be able to communicate with other presenters during my session?

Yes, there’s a private presenter chat within the platform. Private chat lets you send messages that are only visible to the host and other speakers. This is great for sharing ideas with other speakers during your session.

In the bottom left corner of the studio, click the PRIVATE CHAT bar to expand the chat panel.

Can I show slides or a video during my session?

Yes! For showing slides or sharing your screen, Click here for detailed information.

If you want to share a video, make sure it is stored locally on the computer you are using.  Click here for detailed information.

Before your session starts, coordinate with your volunteer room host as they will need to bring your shared screen or video onto the “stage” during your session.  This is one reason we ask you to log in 15 mins before the start of your session.

Can attendees ask questions during my presentation? What kinds of interaction can we have with attendees?

Yes, attendees will interact via the chat function. At the beginning of your session, feel free to verbally remind attendees that they can ask questions via the attendee chat box.  Speakers can’t participate in the chat but can see it to look for attendee questions.

Please note that the platform doesn’t offer the full range of interactivity tools available on Zoom. Polls, breakout rooms, temperature check emojis, and the Q&A box will not be available within this platform. Click here for detailed information about how the attendee chat function works.

Will attendees be on mic or on screen?

No, only presenters will be on the livestream. A good way to get audience response is to remind them at the top of your session to enter their comments and questions in the chat box.

What will the room host do?

A room host will be assigned to each session to open the room, start the live stream, welcome attendees, and provide tech support and monitor the chat for any tech issues that may arise. Please do not ask them moderate questions—they are not topic experts and need to focus on welcoming attendees and providing tech support. 

What do we do when our session is over?

All breakout sessions are 60 minutes. When your session is all wrapped up, simply click LEAVE above the video panel or close your browser tab. Attendees may want to connect with you on the NN conference platform so join us there.

How does captioning work?

Chrome offers live AI English captioning built into the browser. Information will be shared with attendees on how to access captioning. You can also view directions here.

Will my session be recorded? Can people who aren’t attending Netroots Nation watch my session?

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube. The links to these sessions will be available on the Netroots Nation virtual platform for registered attendees to watch after the event is over. Speakers and organizers will be able to share and use their own sessions as they see fit.

Will there be a tech check or speaker training session?

We will host an open session for you to DROP IN to test out your setup and preview the platform next Wednesday (October 6) from 4-8pm ET. Click here at that time to join the session. 

And on Tuesday (October 5 from 5:30-7 pm ET), Convey Communications will host a special DROP-IN session for any presenter who would like tips on improving their on-camera presence. Click here at that time to join the session.

Note: For both sessions, a limited number of speakers can join at the same time. Since these are drop-in sessions, wait a few minutes and then try joining again.

How do I update my bio?

If you’re a speaker, please make sure you add or update your bio and photo. These bios appear with the title/description of your session(s) and index well with Google, so it’s worth taking a minute to update. You can update your bio here. (The bios are linked to the emails panel organizers sent us. Email if you are having issues accessing your login information.) Consider including social handles and other ways for attendees to engage with your session and connect with you.

Do I need to register?

Because most of our 300+ speakers participate in the full conference, we ask that speakers purchase a registration. We do offer a 20% discount to trainers and speakers. However, we never want finances to keep an important voice from being heard. If you can’t afford the discounted speaker rate or will only attend your one session, we have a limited number of speaker fee waivers. Speaker Waiver Requests are now closed.

Anything else I need to know?

We’re promoting the full conference heavily, but we’d love your help spreading the word about your session. We’ve created a promotional toolkit just for speakers that includes sample social media posts, an email template, and a few graphics that you can use.

If you have additional questions, concerns or changes to your panel, please connect with us at Thank you!