Winning Jobs Narrative: Using Values Based Economic Messaging to Win

Winning Jobs Narrative: Using Values Based Economic Messaging to Win

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Starts: Friday, Jul. 14 2:45 PM (Central)

Ends: Friday, Jul. 14 3:45 PM (Central)

Room: Williford A

Working people decide who holds power in this country. The existential challenge facing Democrats is that we’ve been losing strength with these voters, particularly non-college voters, cross-race and geography. The Winning Jobs Narrative Project, launched in 2021, focused on creating effective, values-based economic messages that increase support for policies and candidates. Based on our research, we have created an easy-to-implement guide on how to communicate effectively with working people. We’ll go over the guide including specific messaging examples and a narrative checklist for you to implement in your own work.


Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark serves as Vice President of Programs and Communications at the Gill Foundation, where he oversees the foundation’s strategic communications efforts and grantmaking to promote equal opportunity for LGBT people.

Prior to joining the Gill Foundation, Bobby helped found and lead ProgressNow, a network of progressive communications and advocacy organizations with affiliates in 21 states. Under his leadership, the network grew to a dozen states and generated thousands of stories in state and national media, while cultivating a network of nearly 3 million grassroots members and activists.

Previously Bobby served as one of the earliest staff members on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, launching the campaign’s groundbreaking Internet effort and helping pioneer its innovative use of social media to build the campaign into a national movement. Bobby also led the development of the social networking platform ultimately used by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign to power its website.