Deep Canvassing to Build a Bigger We

Deep Canvassing to Build a Bigger We

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Grassroots Organizing/Campaigns

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 18 2:30 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 18 3:30 PM (Eastern)

Join organizers from People’s Action and Pennsylvania Stands Up to learn how deep canvassing is being used in 2022 to persuade working class conflicted voters in a lasting way, mobilize big grassroots teams, and increase voter turnout. People’s Action is running a nationwide deep canvass in 2022 to build support for progressive solutions in contested midterm elections. In addition to using our deep canvass infrastructure to persuade voters to vote for our candidates, we have been running off cycle issue based deep canvasses on immigration, climate and wages. Deep canvassing continues to be the only voter engagement tactic proven, in experiment after experiment, to have a large persuasive impact that can last for months or longer. Join us and learn how to counteract the fear, prejudice, and despair that poison our communities and build a bigger “we” as a progressive movement. You’ll learn how to apply this approach in your own work to make your conversations with voters as powerful as the moment demands.


Carrie Santoro

Carrie Santoro (she/her) is a proud queer single mom and a working-class organizer. She is the Executive Director of PA Stands Up, an independent political organization dedicated to building governing power for working people. Prior to becoming the Executive Director at PA Stands Up, Carrie held senior organizing and communications roles in electoral campaigns and labor, faith, and immigrants’ rights organizations. She believes we need to end the shame and blame we carry for ourselves and each other, and that can only happen through building authentic relationships across differences, rooted in vulnerability and shared values. At PA Stands Up, Carrie works with organizers and member-leaders to empower poor and working class people to be leaders in their communities and build a Pennsylvania that works for all of us.

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