Survey Says! How to Understand Your Supporters Better through Surveys

Survey Says! How to Understand Your Supporters Better through Surveys

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Tech/Digital Security

Starts: Friday, Oct. 8 2:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Oct. 8 3:15 PM (Eastern)

Your members and supporters are powerful storytellers. They’re the ones who know first-hand how the issues you work on affect our communities–and those stories need to be heard. But how do you find them? Parents Together has developed an effective method of identifying and cultivating powerful spokespeople and storytellers through surveying our members, using free or inexpensive tools everyone has access to. Through these surveys, we’ve identified members who have met with members of Congress, been quoted by the New York Times and CNN, and recorded powerful videos. Learn how we do this—as well as how to use surveys to get important member feedback, understand your membership better, and drive earned media narratives.


PaKou Her

PaKou Her

PaKou Her is Campaign Director at 18MillionRising, an unprecedented Asian American Pacific Islander online organizing and civic engagement organization that leverages technology and social media to build power and community. Prior to her role at 18MR, she spent 15 years as an antiracism organizer, followed by nearly two years as a field organizer with She is also principal of Tseng Development Group, a firm that provides consulting, training, and coaching on antiracist/anti-oppressive leadership development, organizational growth, and systems change. Born and raised in the Midwest, PaKou takes great pride reppin APIs living in the nation’s midsection. Some of her favorite non-campaigning activities include entertaining two young daughters, squeezing in occasional adult-only evenings with her spouse, chasing culinary adventures, and dreaming about reviving a long-lost singing career.

Raz Pollex


Raz Pollex has been working for progressive change for almost two decades, from being part of Obama for America’s field organizing team in 2007, to to shutting down the Pacific Northwest’s last coal-burning power plant, to directing Greenpeace USA’s digital team.

As an independent strategist, they’ve worked with a wide range of progressive clients using digital tools to engage supporters and drive meaningful change. Through all this work, one of their passions has been finding ways to listen to members and supporters, authentically engage with them, and elevate their voices.

Raz lives in Seattle, where they engage in a lot of typically Seattle things like taking their dog to the dog park, obsessing over getting their morning coffee right, and appreciating the rain.