Build Broadband Better

Build Broadband Better

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Oct. 7 2:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Oct. 7 3:15 PM (Eastern)

The COVID-19 pandemic has made affordable, reliable broadband service more important than ever. It has also exposed the gaps in coverage. Billions in federal, state and local funds have been allocated to address the problem, but decades of telecom deregulation have shown us that without proper oversight, rural and low income communities may continue to be left without next generation communications services. During this panel, frontline telecommunications workers and policy experts will discuss what we can do to strengthen regulation at the state level and ensure that investment in broadband provides service to those most in need and creates good, sustainable jobs in our communities.

This session is sponsored by the Communication Workers of America.


Fernando M Roman Jr

Fernando M Roman Jr,
I am a proud member of CWA for 24 years. I am the currently the Executive Vice President of Cwa Local 7026 out of Tucson Arizona serving in my second term. I am a 2016 graduate of the CWA Minority Leadership Institute, I also served as the CWA District 7 representative to the Civil Rights and Equity committee for 3 Years. I also was elected Chairman of the Copa City Democratic club in the city of Maricopa Arizona and served the community in that avenue from 2016-2020.
The Communications Workers of America have built a team of facilitators focusing of labor education and I have had the opportunity to have been selected to facilitate the following trainings in the past. The Fight Forward, Reversing Runaway inequality, Political Activist Training, Mobilizing for our Future at CenturyLink. Upon the recent victory in the last Presidential election we have the opportunity to gain advances in voting rights, anti-discrimination legislation, equality and labor protections. With the recent passage of the Infrastructure, Investment and Jobs Act in the Senate, we have the opportunity to hold corporations accountable when they receive tax dollars to provide broadband infrastructure in states.

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