Pub Quiz 2020: It’s Been Quite A Year This Week

Pub Quiz 2020: It’s Been Quite A Year This Week

Session Type(s): Special Event

Starts: Friday, Aug. 14 7:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Aug. 14 9:00 PM (Eastern)

If Netroots is going online, so are we. We’ve had to adjust to a never-ending Howard Dean rope line, a phalanx of vuvuzelas, and cordial disagreements over geopolitical naming conventions, so by that measure a global pandemic is easy. (Heck, for once we should be able to start more-or-less on time.) So not much will change: Adam will provide the trivia questions, you’ll form teams (or be formed into them), convening in breakout rooms, to answer them. (Untethered to geography, the odds of an entire round on the Accomplishments of the Chester Arthur Administration are as high as they’ll ever be.) So study up, gather ’round, and join us to celebrate a Netroots Nation tradition that’s older than the name “Netroots Nation.”


1. Click here to join on Zoom using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. Please be on time—you will have 5 minutes or so to ensure your device is configured and working.

3. Your host will walk through some housekeeping items to explain how the event will be played.

4. You can play as a team or an individual. Your team can consist of you, members of your household or others playing with you remotely. If you are playing on a team, you will need to change your Zoom name to start with the team number given by your organizer. This is how the trivia host will sort you into the right team room.

5. Participants who are playing on a computer can rename themselves by right clicking on their picture in the Zoom Gallery. Find yourself, right click and select Rename. Then enter your team number and name.

6. Participants who are playing on a mobile device can rename themselves by clicking on the Participants button at the bottom of the screen. Find your name and hit the Rename option. From there, enter your team number and name.

7. The TriviaHub host will provide you with a website link to visit (do NOT use Internet Explorer). This is where you will create your team name, record your team members and submit answers for the game. Choose one person who will act as your captain and submit answers on behalf of the team. (Pick someone with a stable internet connection, who can toggle between Zoom and their browser with ease.)

8. Go to the website and enter your team name and team members.

9. Once all teams are registered, the host will start the game. They will present questions, and you will enter your answers in the website. At the end of each round, you’ll submit your answers to the host.

10. After each round is completed, the host will review answers and announce the current scores and leaders.

11. The host will tally final scores after the last round of trivia. If there is a tie, they will go into an optional tie-breaker round, in which the tied teams will compete in answering a numerical question. The team closest to the answer will break the tie and win.

12. The winning team (and prizes) will be announced.


Adam Bonin

Adam Bonin

Adam extensively represents clients in campaign finance, election law, pay-to-play, and lobbying compliance matters and has been a leader in efforts on behalf of the rights of online speakers His practice today focuses on the representation of a variety of elected officials and candidates for office, as well as corporate, labor, and other politically active entities on federal, state and municipal campaign finance, election law and regulatory compliance matters, including pay-to-play law and the regulation of lobbying activities.

Adam is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Netroots Nation. He lives in Philadelphia.

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