Racial Justice Has No Borders: Embedding Palestinian Rights in the 2020 Agenda

Racial Justice Has No Borders: Embedding Palestinian Rights in the 2020 Agenda

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Friday, Jul. 12 4:30 PM

Ends: Friday, Jul. 12 5:30 PM

Room: 119B

Grassroots activists with shared experiences facing racial profiling, mass incarceration, and repression taught us that racial justice has no borders: at Black Lives Matter protests, activists call for freedom from Ferguson to Palestine, and at rallies to end family separation, participants have even raised their voices for an end to racist walls, from Palestine to Mexico. In response to the global rise of the authoritarian right, activists are calling on institutions of power—from the mainstream media to Congress—to support freedom, justice, and equality for all people, including the Palestinian people. Learn how activists in the progressive movement are building power for racial justice that extends beyond and across borders.


Yousef Munayyer


Yousef Munayyer is a political analyst, writer and scholar-activist.

His doctoral research focused on the intersection between foreign policy and domestic policy and its impact on terrorism and civil liberties. He received his BA in Political Science and History from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Ph.D. in Government and Politics from the University of Maryland.

He frequently writes on matters of foreign policy in the Arab and Muslim world and civil rights and civil liberties in the United States. His writings have appeared in every major metropolitan newspaper in the United States and many others internationally as well as online. He has frequently appeared to comment on national and international media outlets including CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NBC, CBS, Al-Jazeera English, C-Span, and others many others.


Sandra Tamari


Sandra Tamari is a Palestinian-American organizer and Director of Adalah Justice Project, a Palestinian advocacy organization that highlights Israel’s discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel to draw deeper analysis about structural racism to invite thinking about rights-based solutions on the issue of Palestine and Israel. Based in St Louis, Sandra was active in organizing Palestinian solidarity with Ferguson and continues to focus her work on building joint liberation efforts with peoples at the margins. She has lived in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Germany, and in 2012 was denied entry to Palestine by Israel. She misses her family and homeland.

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Vincent Warren


Vincent Warren is a leading expert on racial justice, criminal justice and discriminatory policing. He is the executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR). He oversees CCR’s groundbreaking litigation and advocacy work, which uses international and domestic law to challenge human rights abuses, including racial, gender and LGBT injustice. Under his
leadership, CCR successfully challenged the NYPD’s Stop-and- Frisk policy, ended long-term solitary confinement in California’s Pelican Bay Prison, and the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison. Among many other things, CCR is currently challenging the profiling of Muslims, the persecution of LGBTI people in Uganda and developing strategic defenses against
immigration raids, as well as providing legal and policy support to Black organizers in the Movement for Black Lives. Previously, Vince was involved in monitoring South Africa’s historic Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings, was a Senior Staff Attorney at the ACLU and a criminal defense attorney for the Legal Aid Society in Brooklyn. He is a graduate of Haverford
College and Rutgers School of Law.

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