Get Tested: How to Run an Optimized Email Program

Get Tested: How to Run an Optimized Email Program

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Basic Online Organizing

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 13 2:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 13 3:15 PM (Eastern)

Every email list is a special unicorn—so how do you know what messaging motivates your supporters? What subject lines grab their attention? How do you write the most engaging copy? And are graphic emails really all that? The answers to all of those questions—and more—are an email test away. In this session, attendees will learn the basics of email writing and testing, including crafting copy and testing its effectiveness, what makes an effective email test, what tools they need to start testing, best practices, how to analyze the results of a test, and how to apply those lessons to future emails.

This training is for those who may be relatively new to email but want to improve their game and launch an effective testing program.



Malinda Frevert

Malinda Frevert

Malinda Frevert has 13 years’ experience running digital programs for political organizations and campaigns. She cut her teeth organizing farmers, ranchers, and city folks against the Keystone XL pipeline at BOLD Nebraska. Since then she’s worked on electoral campaigns in Minnesota and Ohio, organized hundreds of thousands of feminists online with UltraViolet, been email director at EMILY’s List, and served as deputy digital director at the DSCC.

She’s been managing teams for 7 years and organizing Manager Confessions panels at Netroots for the last 5 years. Her favorite soapbox is that we need a lot more support for managers in the progressive movement.

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Damien Shirley

Damien Shirley

Damien Shirley (he/his) is Email Director at Middle Seat Consulting.

Damien has been working in the digital political space for a decade and a half. He has managed award-winning, record-breaking email programs that have raised tens of millions of dollars for political campaigns (including presidential, senatorial, congressional, and gubernatorial bids), political organizations, issue advocacy groups, and nonprofits.

Damien has helped lead digital programs for People for the American Way, League of Conservation Voters, EMILY’s List, NARAL, NextGen America, AOC, John Fetterman, Jamaal Bowman, Katie Porter, Maura Healey, Summer Lee, and other leading progressive groups and candidates.

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