Screening: “Heather Booth: Changing the World”

Screening: “Heather Booth: Changing the World”

Starts: Friday, Aug. 3 5:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Aug. 3 7:15 PM (Eastern)

This newest film by critically acclaimed filmmaker Lilly Rivlin traces the ongoing legacy of activist and community organizer Heather Booth. In telling the story of Heather’s life and work, the film presents an overview of 50 years of the progressive movement, as well as a manual on how to become an organizer. From a politically conscious college student who began her career in 1964 registering voters in Mississippi at the height of the Civil Rights movement, Heather became the go-to strategist for causes ranging from child care to women’s rights to immigration reform and advisor to leaders including Julian Bond and Senator Elizabeth Warren.


Bob Creamer

Robert Creamer has been a political organizer and strategist for over four decades. He is a Partner in the firm Democracy Partners and serves as General Consultant to Americans United for Change. He has been a consultant to the campaigns to defeat the privatization of Social Security, end the war in Iraq, pass universal health care, hold Wall Street accountable, pass progressive budget priorities, and enact comprehensive immigration reform.

In the 2008 Presidential Election he worked for the Democratic National Committee as National Coordinator of field based rapid response to Republican candidates McCain and Palin. He has worked on hundreds of electoral campaigns at the local, state and national level. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and author of Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win. Creamer is married to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Illinois.

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Mike Lux

Mike Lux is the co-founder of Democracy Partners, a consulting firm whose mission is building the progressive movement. Mike is a frequent blogger on Huffpo, DailyKos, and Crooks and Liars. He is the author of the book, “The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be.”

Mike currently serves on the boards of several organizations, including the Arca Foundation, Netroots Nation, Americans United for Change, and USAction. He also was a co-founder and a former board member of Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, Progressive Majority, Women’s Voices/Women Vote, and the Center for Progressive Leadership. He played a role in the early days of launching the Center for American Progress, Air America, America’s Voice, and From January 1993 to mid-1995, Mike served as a Special Assistant to the President in the Clinton White House, and has played a leadership role on five Presidential campaigns

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