Open Source Tech #FTW

Open Source Tech #FTW

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 2 10:00 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 2 11:15 AM (Eastern)

The panel will consist of developers and organizers involved in open source progressive tech projects. We’ll focus on the decision to use open source tech, how it’s developed and why it’s important. This panel will also give space to attendees to ask questions about open source in general, about specific open source projects, and how open source tech helps the political tech ecosystem.


Shaka Lee

Developer at MoveOn. Project Manager for Spoke, an open sourced peer to peer texting application. Based in the Midwest.


Schuyler Duveen

Sky Duveen has developed software for over 20 years embedded in non-profit organizations. First in education, then for journalism at WNYC where he was Director of Technology. Sky had a ‘bad feeling’ about the 2016 election and so quit to work at MoveOn in 2015. He continues to work there especially to scale technology for progressive action, issues, and victories.

Pamela John

Pamela John

Pamela is Progressive Coders Network’s overly emoji-nal cheerleader for progressive causes. Years of legal research and writing did not satisfy her inner Social Justice Warrior, so she quit her day job, snagged a degree in Cultural Anthropology from Smith College and amassed an array of social media skills to raise awareness–and money–for grassroots campaigns. A life-long activist, Pamela co-founded ACA “Obamacare” Success Stories before organizing digital media volunteers to GOTV with the Bernie 2016 Grassroots Digital Media Team.

It was while working with Bernie 2016 volunteers that Pamela realized the power to literally propel grassroots movements forward is found at intersection of activism and open source tech.

A Managing Partner at Big Amp Media and a contributing writer at The Progressive Army, Pamela enjoys using cutting edge tech and social media practices to inspire even the couchiest of potatoes to rally their revolutionary spirits and engage in “feet on the streets” grassroots activism.

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