#ExxonKnew: Uncovering Decades of Climate Deception and Political Pollution

#ExxonKnew: Uncovering Decades of Climate Deception and Political Pollution

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 16 3:00 PM (Central)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 16 4:15 PM (Central)

Room: 220

In the 1970s, climate scientists at Exxon warned their bosses that oil could bring about catastrophic global warming. Instead of acting to protect humanity, Exxon decided to corrupt our democracy to protect its profits while the planet’s climate destabilized. Panelists will discuss whether ExxonMobil and the rest of the fossil-fuel industry can be brought to justice—as Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have called for—much as the tobacco industry was for its deadly deception. We’ll also talk about how to mobilize to restore the democratic institutions that have been polluted by Exxon’s decades-long campaign.


Brad Johnson


Brad Johnson is a climate strategist and communicator. He is the editor of Hill Heat, a climate politics and policy website. Previously Brad was the founding executive director of Climate Hawks Vote, a grassroots climate politics organization, campaign manager for Forecast the Facts, a grassroots climate advocacy organization, and editor for ThinkProgress Green at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. Brad holds a bachelor’s degree in math and physics from Amherst College and master’s degree in geosciences from the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. He is the co-author of Technomanifestos and the founder of HillHeat.com.

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Sharon Eubanks


Prior to joining Bordas & Bordas, Sharon Eubanks co-founded the Washington, D.C. based public interest law firm, Edwards & Eubanks.

From 2000 to 2005, Sharon served as lead counsel on behalf of the United States in the largest civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) enforcement action ever filed, United States v. Philip Morris USA, et al., the federal tobacco litigation. Following a nine-month trial, the federal district court found that the major U.S. cigarette companies violated the civil provisions of RICO and committed fraud on a massive scale. They were ordered to change the way they do business.

Sharon is co-author of Bad Acts: The Racketeering Case Against the Tobacco Industry, an insider’s account of the federal tobacco litigation that led to the landmark decision. Sharon has appeared and discussed her work on several national television programs. She is also featured in the 2011 documentary film, “Addiction Incorporated.”

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Ted Lieu

Rep. Ted Lieu

In 2014, Ted W. Lieu was elected to California’s 33rd Congressional District, succeeding retiring 40-year incumbent Henry Waxman. Ted was elected president of the Democratic Freshman class by his colleagues and serves on the House Budget Committee and the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

Ted is a former active duty officer in the US Air Force and currently serves as a Colonel in the Reserves.

In Congress, Ted has established himself as a leader on protecting the environment; Social Security and Medicare; civil liberties; and veterans.

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RL Miller

RL Miller

Cofounder, Climate Hawks Vote, only grassroots-funded organization to elect and hold accountable climate leaders. Elected chair, California Democratic Party Environmental Caucus. Loud on Twitter.

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