Queer People of Color Caucus

Queer People of Color Caucus

Starts: Thursday, Jul. 17 9:00 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Jul. 17 10:15 AM (Eastern)

This caucus is to provide a conversation space for folks who identify as Queer People of Color. We will network and strategize around issues including: Queer/Trans criminalization, immigration and anti-racism work. We come together to seek common ground as people of color in the LGBTQ struggle for equality.


Eyad Alkurabi


Eyad has been an activist since 2005 and credits his “political awakening” to the signing of the original Patriot Act. He is Palestinian, Syrian, American, Pansexual Queer. Eyad graduated from SUNY Albany where he majored in Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics. Prior to that, he acquired an Associates in Public Administration studies while pushing for Marriage Equality in New York at HVCC. He’s a Co-founder and serves as Director of, Projects, Action, and Activism. In addition, he also conducts engagement and outreach for HI. He is also a community organizer for GetEQUAL, during the Occupy movements and currently countless other movements that cultivates intersectional and transformative work. He Co-Founded QPEN ( The Queer Palestinian Empowerment Network), a community organization/group that is dedicated to cultivating and empowering LGBTQ Palestinians in movement, in healing, and in leadership.

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Felipe Sousa-Rodriguez

Felipe is an advocate for undocumented immigrants and LGBTQ people in the US. He walked from Miami to Washington, DC to highlight the pain of undocumented immigrants. He has spent the last two years working at GetEQUAL, a national social justice LGBTQ organization. He has become a leading voice on the intersection of LGBTQ issues and immigrant rights. He is the current Deputy Managing Director of United We Dream (UWD).

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