Islamophobia: A Tool of the Right

Islamophobia: A Tool of the Right

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Jun. 20 4:30 PM

Ends: Thursday, Jun. 20 5:45 PM

Room: 212 BD

President Obama’s middle name is Hussein and many Americans know this because the right has made Muslims the villain of America. Come to this panel for a conversation about how we can combat Islamophobia and deconstruct the fear mongering machine of the right.


Tanzila Ahmed

Tanzila Ahmed

Tanzila “Taz” Ahmed is an activist, storyteller, and politico based in Los Angeles. An electoral organizer by trade, she’s mobilized thousands of Asian American & Pacific Islanders to the polls in over seventeen different languages in the past fifteen years at various non-profit organizations, starting with founding South Asian American Voting Youth in 2004. She currently is a Campaign Strategist at the Asian American new media organizing group 18MillionRising.

In 2016, Taz was honored as a White House Champion of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art and Storytelling and in 2017 as UCLA Luskin Alumni of the Year. She is cohost of The #GoodMuslimBadMuslim Podcast that has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Wired, and Buzzfeed as well as live shows recorded at South by Southwest and the White House.

An avid essayist, she had a monthly column called Radical Love and has written for Sepia Mutiny, Truthout, The Aerogram, The Nation, Left Turn Magazine, and more. She is published in the anthologies Modern Loss (2018), Six Words Fresh Off the Boat (2017), Good Girls Marry Doctors (2016), Love, Inshallah (2012) and poetry collection Coiled Serpent (2016). Her third poetry chapbook Emdash and Ellipses was published in early 2016. Taz curates Desi music at Mishthi Music where she co-produced Voices of Our Vote: My #AAPIVote Album (2016) and Beats for Bangladesh (2013). Her artwork was featured in Sharia Revoiced (2015), in Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center’s “H-1B” (2015), and Rebel Legacy: Activist Art from South Asian California (2015). She also makes disruptive art annually with #MuslimVDay Cards.

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Zahra Billoo


As the Director of CAIR-SFBA, Zahra strives to promote justice. She frequently provides trainings at mosques and universities as part of CAIR’s efforts to empower the community. Zahra also represents victims of discrimination and advocates for policy changes that uphold civil rights. In 2011, at her direction, CAIR filed a lawsuit against the DOJ challenging their warrantless use of GPS tracking devices. Her work with CAIR-SFBA has been highlighted in media outlets including CNN, MSNBC and NPR. She is a 2010 recipient of the SF Minority Bar Coalition’s Unity Award and a 2011 recipient of the South Asian Bar Association of Northern California’s Public Interest Attorney of the Year Award. Zahra graduated from CSU Long Beach with degrees in Management and Political Science. She earned her J.D. from the UC Hastings College of Law, and was admitted to the California Bar in 2009.

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Dustin Craun


Dustin Craun is a writer, educator, community organizer and a communications strategist who has worked with more than twenty-five different non-profit and social movement based organizations over the last twelve years in the United States, Mexico, and Ghana. Dustin works on the clergy organizing team for the PICO National Network building Muslim Community organizing into the largest faith based community organinizing network in the United States. His writings have been featured in publications such as Adbusters, and he is working on publishing his first book titled Decolonizing Whiteness.

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