Can Online Video Still Change The Debate? Facebook, Social Graphics and Political Video

Can Online Video Still Change The Debate? Facebook, Social Graphics and Political Video

Session Type(s): Screening

Starts: Friday, Jun. 21 4:30 PM (Pacific)

Ends: Friday, Jun. 21 5:45 PM (Pacific)

Room: Willow Glen (M)

Online video still is a significant medium of communication for many progressive groups and activist efforts – but it’s got new competition, with shareable social-media content like Facebook and Tumblr graphics taking their place alongside it. How can online video still change the debate in an age where social media punishes outside-links and promotes internally-shared graphics? When is video the best medium to tell the story, and when is some other form of shareable content? We’ll talk with the creative geniuses with a track record of creating content that changes the debate, whether it be video, graphic, or otherwise, and give our best take on where organizers should best spend their online messaging energies in 2013 and beyond.


Andy Menconi


Andy Menconi is a graphic designer and animator who has been creating viral content since 2000. While working as a web designer for Bank of America he won ‘Bush in 30 Years’: a flash animation contest sponsored by which opened the door to being the graphics guy for many leftist political organizations.

He went on to form Agit-Pop Communications, an award winning viral media firm with partners John Sellers of the Ruckus Society and Andrew Boyd of Billionaires for Bush. On tax day in 2010, Agit-Pop communications began a new project called ‘The Other 98%’ as a meme to help shift the dialogue of the culture war to one of economic justice.

Andy Menconi was born in Texas, graduated from AAC in San Francisco, loves punk rock, the NFL, green chile and romantic dinners on the beach.

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Nicole Carty

Nicole Carty

Nicole Carty is a Director with PowerLabs where she focuses on online to offline mobilization and creating structures and processes to support volunteer-led teams.

Prior to PowerLabs, Nicole was a Campaign Manager at SumOfUs where she ran campaigns to bring equitable policies to the tech industry, served as a communications specialist, and implemented internal anti-oppressive organizational structures.

Previously Nicole was Programming Director at The Other 98% where she helped grow the organization’s social media reach into the millions.

Nicole is a movement builder who was deeply involved in Occupy Wall Street and has played critical roles in the Movement for Black Lives.

Nicole is also a Lead Trainer and Core team member at Momentum.

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Andy Cobb

Andy Cobb

Andy Cobb’s satire has recently been seen on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX News, NPR, Newsweek, Huffington Post, Nightline,, Current TV, Al Jazeera, and over 25 million times online. He’s written sketches for Comedy Central’s “Key & Peele,” and makes videos called “genius” by Andrew Sullivan and Chris Cillizza, “brilliant” by Huffington Post, and “intrinsically awesome” by Rachel Maddow. Andy has written, performed and directed satirical advocacy projects for Brave New Films, SEIU, AAEI, Courage Campaign, and Healthcare For America Now. He started as an ensemble member at Chicago’s Second City, where he recently developed shows on the “Art Of Satire” with Economist Magazine, and made video as Political Director for Second City Online. He directs the satirical video groups Heavy Crude Video, The Partisans, and Public Service Administration, and performs live with The 313. He sometimes blogs with the fine folks at Crooks and Liars.

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Adam Mordecai

I get paid to find snarky things that matter from the interwebs and share them with you. I think that is awesome. I also think the media needs to remember how to do its job. And that Jon Stewart is some sort of oracle. You can find me on Twitter, subscribe to my stuff on Facebook, and read my long winded ranting on Quora.

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Amy Rubin


“ There are two types of people in the world: work horses and show ponies.”
I’m a work pony.

Amy Rubin started Barnacle as a way to streamline and bring transparency and access to the process of making videos for good causes. Barnacle brings a world of creative professionals, online and cultural influencers who are typically outside of the advocacy and D.C. echo chamber and price-point into a space where collaboration is possible.

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