Video Open Mic with Julianna Forlano

Video Open Mic with Julianna Forlano

Training Tag(s): Arts & Culture

Starts: Saturday, Jun. 9 10:30 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Jun. 9 11:45 AM (Eastern)

Come share the videos you’re working on in this open mic session. You don’t need to have submitted, been selected or curated—just come with your video on DVD or flash-drive, and you’ll get five minutes to show a clip of what you’re working on, discuss it with the audience, ask questions, answer them or discuss your next moves. This session will be hosted by filmmaker, comedian and educator Julianna Forlano, host of AbsurdityToday on AbusrdityTV.


Julianna Forlano


Julianna Forlano is the creator, host, and producer of the acclaimed progressive news parody ABSURDITY TODAY! which can be found on FreeSpeechTV, and at (Archives at She is a professor at Brooklyn College where she teaches Media Studies, Broadcast Journalism Ethics, and Comedy Script Writing. Her written work has been published in the Chicago Sun Times, in the book Letters to President Obama, and online. She is also a popular guest commentator on some of today’s favorite progressive tv and radio programs as well as at mainstream outlets. Once named Chicago’s Funniest Comedian by Reader’s Digest, Julianna has had many notable performances including being the featured speaker and humorist at Barack Obama’s Official Inaugural Ball. She currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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