Art Exhibit Reception

Art Exhibit Reception

Session Type(s): Special Event

Starts: Friday, Jun. 8 6:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Jun. 8 7:30 PM (Eastern)

Join us for our Art Exhibit celebration and reception at Netroots Nation, 6pm on Friday in the Rotunda

There has never been a movement for social change without art and culture being central to its impact. Political posters in particular, have played a crucial role in social movements throughout our history – sparking commitment, promoting ideals, and eliciting action. Political posters are tools to educate, mobilize and agitate. Come see an exhibition of contemporary political posters emerging from OCCUPY and from the pro-immigrant movement in United States. Featuring works by street artists, designers, printmakers, and activists from around the continent, this exhibit highlights the vital role that graphics play in promoting radical and progressive values. While political posters are viewed in the art world as a low-brow, it is key for progressives to understand the role posters have played in galvanizing public sentimen and why they are the ultimate movement-medium.