Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It

Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It

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Starts: Thursday, Jun. 7 3:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Jun. 7 4:15 PM (Eastern)

The American Legislative Exchange Council has been behind virtually every major right-wing state law in the past two years, including union-busting, teacher-bashing, voter suppression, attacks on immigrants, privatizing basic public services and gutting environmental and health regulations. Learn more about ALEC, who backs them and what you can do to stand in their way.

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Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Leg


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Lisa Graves of the Center for Media & Democracy explained the origins of ALEC, and how they exposed them ay alecexposed.org
Lisa Graves: Origin of ALEC is infamous Powell Memo to build conservative infrastructure #NN12 http://t.co/SHNECCGN
RT @rashadrobinson: I’m moderating "Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It" @ #nn12 http://t.co/VJoDi39K
Rashad Robinson of Color of Change also deserves lots of credit for getting big corporations to pull out of ALEC
Uh oh, #ALEC. More exposure. Does sunlight burn? #ALECexposed #NN12 http://t.co/xQqjdbde
Lisa Graves of CMD thanks @ColorOfChange and @rashadrobinson for our work targeting corporate members of #ALEC #NN12
Surprise surprise: I found a family connection between ALEC’s director and the NRA in Florida. http://t.co/rE3Ceu9U #nn12
.@theLisaGraves at #NN12 #ALECexposed panel: ALEC activism rooted in Cincinnati protests.. look how far its come
I’m moderating "Whose Law Is It Anyway? ALEC’s Influence on State Legislatures and What We Can Do About It" @ #nn12 http://t.co/VJoDi39K
RT @Karoli: Speaker notes that ALEC agenda isn’t just at state level. Ryan budget is an ALEC budget. #NN12
Anielle Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: "state legislators are dropping out without us even asking… the #ALEC brand is so toxic"
We learned that the Koch brothers have spent lots of money promoting and helping ALEC
Lisa Graves: ALEC was bailed out by Koch brothers in the 90s http://t.co/SHNECCGN #NN12
.@thelisagraves: Koch Brothers gave ALEC half a million loan in late 90s to keep organization afloat #NN12 @ALECexposed
“@TakeBackCourts Check our our new report released today at #NN12 on ALEC civil justice work. http://t.co/77buubJc”
RT @ALECexposed: Anielle Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: nobody is going to bat for ALEC because you can’t defend the indefensible
.@theLisaGraves at #NN12 #ALECexposed panel: "Every American ought to be deeply concerned by #ALEC"
Lisa Graves at #NN12: ALEC allows lobbyists to "vote as equals" to our legislators on laws and public policy http://t.co/SHNECCGN
RT @AriBerman: .@thelisagraves: Koch Brothers gave ALEC half a million loan in late 90s to keep organization afloat #NN12 @ALECexposed
Dump You And Dump #ALEC Too! #ForgetYou parody – Amazzzzing vid: http://t.co/gbG96zGg @prwatch @thelisagraves #dumpALEC #ALECexposed. #NN12
Rashad Robinson: "98% of ALEC’s money comes from corporations" #NN12
at the panel on #ALEC at #NN12. Big kudos to Color of Change & CMD (http://t.co/f17Tdlfz) for exposing them for the sham ALEC is.
#ALEC has been successful because has been able to do work behind scenes, says moderator. But that isn’t the case anymore. #NN12
#ALEC is part of a large clandestine corporate infrastructure that is trying to control the political process at all levels. #NN12
ALEC does its work behind the scenes but corporation have to answer to the customers they’re trying to reach – @rashadrobinson #NN12
"Our leverage goes up as voting goes down." ~Founder of #ALEC #NN12
Marge Baker: Effort to pushback ALEC is starting to "taint" any association with ALEC #NN12
The push to privatize public schools is an ALEC priority
Kim Anderson: ALEC claims to join #edreform bandwagon but they "put kids last" #NN12
Kim Anderson: ALEC edu-agenda is to sell off public schools to charters, online learning companies, for-profit education #NN12
Kim Anderson: Michelle Rhee is an "honorary member" of the school privatizing cabal driven by ALEC #NN12
#ALEC is also getting into pension slashing efforts. @RepJonDBrien50 wants to fix Woonsocket deficit by taking from city pension fund. #NN12
Photo of our own @ProgressNow ED Aniello Alioto (left) talking about ALEC and their influence. http://t.co/XptAcdRb #ALECexposed #NN12
RT @ALECexposed: Aniello Alioto at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: Next big #ALEC initiative is limiting the power of state attorney’s to sue corporations
And finally, you an help keep the pressure on ALEC
.@theLisaGraves at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: ALEC agenda is on the move and #ALEC $$ on the move. We need your help documenting it.
RT @ALECexposed: .@theLisaGraves at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: In 2013 legislators will come in and aim to pass the #ALEC wish list, we need to expose this
Marge Baker of @peoplefor at #ALECexposed panel at #NN12: Best resource on #ALEC is http://t.co/GcxEwzL1


Rashad Robinson

Robinson Rashad

Rashad Robinson is the President of Color Of Change, the nation’s largest online racial justice organization. Driven by over one million members, Color Of Change builds power for Black people and Black communities, moving decision makers in corporations and government to create a more human and less hostile world for Black people and all people. Robinson helped Color Of Change lead winning campaigns forcing over 100 corporations to stop funding ALEC, frame and win net neutrality as a major civil rights issue, and force Pat Buchanan and Bill O’Reilly off the air. Successful Color Of Change strategies have been profiled in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fast Company and The Hollywood Reporter, and on CNN, NPR, PBS and MSNBC. In 2015, Fast Company named Color Of Change the 6th Most Innovative Company in the world, and in 2016, the Stanford Social Innovation Review profiled Color Of Change. Robinson is the proud recipient of awards from organizations as varied as ADCOLOR, the United Church of Christ and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation. He serves on the boards of Demos and the Hazen Foundation. He is a monthly columnist for The Guardian.

Other sessions: Criminal Justice in America

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Aniello Alioto


Aniello Alioto, National Political Director of ProgressNow and ProgressNow Education since July 2009, wields extensive experience in both issue and candidate campaigns. Aniello specializes in effective coalition dynamics, online advocacy, information management and campaign messaging. Aniello holds a M.A. in Diplomacy from the University of Kentucky’s Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, as well as a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Louisville. When not working, Aniello is likely to be found exploring lesser-traveled corners of the globe, making cheese at home, learning new languages, laughing at pictures of monkeys or cooking for friends and colleagues.

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Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson currently serves as Director of the Center for Advocacy at the National Education Association (NEA). In this role, Ms. Anderson oversees the organization’s Collective Bargaining and Member Advocacy Department, Government Relations Department, and Human and Civil Rights Department. The Center is responsible for advancing the NEA’s mission, vision, and core values through federal and intergovernmental advocacy, collective bargaining and representational advocacy, and social justice advocacy.

During Ms. Anderson’s ten year tenure at the NEA, she previously directed the Government Relations department and was responsible for advancing policy on behalf of NEA’s 3.2 million members at the federal level and within intergovernmental organizations. Prior to that, as Manager for Issue Advocacy in the Campaigns and Elections Department, Ms. Anderson oversaw the NEA’s independent expenditure projects, issue advocacy work, ballot measure efforts and helped represent NEA in numerous national coalitions and partnerships.

Marge Baker

Marge Baker oversees People For’s policy and programmatic work, including its campaigns on the courts, nominations, LGBT equality, voting rights and elections. She has worked for more than 35 years in various public service roles. Prior to her current position she was the Staff Director for the late Senator Paul Wellstone on the Senate’s Employment, Safety and Training Subcommittee. Ms. Baker is a graduate of Yale Law School, clerked for the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, served as Chief Counsel to Senator Howard Metzenbaum on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and directed the Consumer Services Division of the New York Department of Public Service. Ms. Baker is married, and has three children, ages 26, 28, and 31.

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John Carey


John Carey is communications director with the National Public Pension Coalition (NPPC). NPPC represents millions of teachers, nurses, police, firefighters and other public sector employees – has worked to protect the financial security of working families who rely on public pensions. NPPC works with a national network of state and local coalition efforts to protect public pensions. Prior to joining NPPC, John was at Americans for Financial Reform.

John has more than a decade of management and administrative experience influencing policy-makers, constituency groups and voters through local, state, and national campaigns. His communications experience includes press outreach, news monitoring, on-line outreach, and rapid response. John’s field experience includes managing grassroots and grasstops lobbying campaigns and managing paid and volunteer staff for phone banks, canvasses, and other voter contact efforts.

John lives in Centreville, VA with his wife, Tara, and their children Emma and Jack. He enjoys athletics, politics, and cooking.

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Lisa Graves


Lisa Graves is Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy, the publisher of ALECexposed.org (its award-winning investigation of the American Legislative Exchange Council), PRWatch.org, SourceWatch.org, and BanksterUSA.org. She previously served as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Policy at the U.S. Department of Justice, Chief Counsel for Nominations for the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Deputy Chief of the Article III Judges Division at the U.S. Courts, and Senior Legislative Strategist for the ACLU on national security issues, among other posts. Reach her on twitter: thelisagraves and email: lisa@prwatch.org.

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