From School Board to Governor: The Fundamentals of Running for Office

From School Board to Governor: The Fundamentals of Running for Office

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Grassroots Activism & Campaigns

If you’re fired up, motivated, and ready to step up and run for office but aren’t sure where or how to start, this training is for you. Based on our experience getting races of all sizes off the ground, we’ll answer questions such as: What should you consider when making the decision to run? What are the first steps you should take? What roles do you need on your team and how do you fill them? What resources are available to help you? Whether you are considering running for alderman, school board, park district, mayor, or governor, this training will help you get started!

This training is for anyone interested in running for office or helping someone run for office.


Kate Catherall


Kate Catherall is an organizer with nearly a decade of experience building campaigns for causes and candidates. She is the founder of CHORUS a nonprofit organization working to remove barriers to voting, volunteering, running for office, and accessing government and CHORUS Agency, a network of strategists providing pro bono support to exceptional first-time candidates. A proud Obama ’08 and ’12 alum, Kate’s roots are in electoral organizing. She has worked five election cycles including two presidentials, two congressionals, a senate campaign, and a gubernatorial campaign. Most recently, Kate was a Senior Vice President at 270 Strategies, where she worked with organizations across 40+ countries to build their engagement and advocacy strategies.

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