I want to register now but I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to go. Should I wait?
We suggest registering as early as possible. We only have a limited number of registrations at each price tier, so registration prices will increase as the convention approaches.

If I buy my ticket but can’t attend, can I get a refund?
Convention registration fees are non-refundable, but registrations may be transferred or sold to other individuals before the convention begins, donated to scholarship programs or transferred to another year. To arrange for one of these options, contact us and use the “registration” subject in the drop-down menu.

When can I pick up my badge?
Registration badges are available for pickup starting Wednesday before the conference begins.

Who attends this thing anyway?
Netroots Nation is for anyone with an interest in grassroots politics—bloggers and blog readers, politicians and staffers, online organizers, social justice advocates, union workers, organizational leaders, college organizers and activists from around the country (and world).

Do I have to be well-versed in politics to attend? Will I feel out of place if I’m not?
Not at all. Netroots Nation is a happy place for both poli-sci PhDs and the uninitiated. The conference is a great place to learn about progressive issues, meet fellow activists and learn valuable organizing skills. If you’re new to politics, this is a great place to start; and if politics is your life, this is a great place to get your fix.

I want to attend but can’t afford it. Are there scholarships available?
We do have scholarships available each year and are also able to offer a limited number of discounted or complimentary registrations in exchange for volunteer hours. We’ll have more info on those programs and how to apply in early 2017.

Is there a reduced rate for students/youth?
Yes. We’re able to offer a limited number of reduced youth registrations for $95. Click here to register at the youth rate.

How are your panels and speakers chosen?
Our panels, trainings and screening sessions are selected from proposals submitted by our community. The submission process opens each year in late January/early February.

What’s the official Netroots Nation hotel?
You can find information about our 2017 hotel blocks here.

Will there be free wi-fi in the convention area?
Absolutely! The login info is available at the registration area.

Is food included in my ticket?
We provide limited amounts of food during select events throughout the convention. Check the mobile app when you arrive on site for details. We typically have coffee and snack breaks provided by sponsors each day as well.

What should I wear? 
The Netroots tend to be grassroots chic. Ties tend to shock unless you’re running for office, and the accessory de rigeur is a laptop or smartphone.

Are payments made to Netroots Nation tax deductable?
Since payments for registration fees, merchandise and donations should be made to Netroots Nation, a California 501(c)4 corporation, they are not tax-deductible. If you pay by credit card, the charges will appear under “NETROOTS NATION.”

Netroots Nation 2017