Why Are Asian American Voters Swinging Right—and What Can We Do About It?

Why Are Asian American Voters Swinging Right—and What Can We Do About It?

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Friday, Jul. 14 10:30 AM (Central)

Ends: Friday, Jul. 14 11:30 AM (Central)

Room: Salon A-3

Asian Americans are the fastest-growing population in both New York and the United States, and have been steadily increasing voter turnout over the last decade, including being a key voter demographic in the 2020 election win for Biden. But in the 2022 midterm elections in New York, Asian American voters took a turn right, representing a major part of Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin’s close race against Democratic Nominee Kathy Hochul, and several key State legislature seats going Republican. This panel will examine the factors contributing toward this disturbing trend, and well as discuss best practices for engaging and educating Asian American voters.



Carlyn Cowen

Carlyn Cowen (they/she/siya) is an advocate, activist, and Filipinx-American dedicated to building social, racial, and economic justice through radical systemic change. By day, Carlyn works as the Chief Policy and Public Affairs Officer of the Chinese-American Planning Council (CPC), the nation’s largest Asian-American social services organization, where they oversee public policy, advocacy, and community engagement. They serve on the steering committee of The Jewish Vote, a political project of Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ) to build power on the Jewish left. They can also be found organizing with the Democratic Socialists of America, doing mutual aid with Uptown Wagon, working to pass the New York Health Act and tax the rich, and cooking and baking.