How Data Engineering Can Make Organizers’ Dreams Come True

How Data Engineering Can Make Organizers’ Dreams Come True

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Thursday, Jul. 13 4:00 PM (Central)

Ends: Thursday, Jul. 13 5:00 PM (Central)

Room: Salon C-3/4

Imagine if people who signed up to volunteer via Hustle automatically got added to your CRM and assigned an organizer. Data Engineers, especially those with open-source tools like Parsons in their hands, can build these custom workflows catering to the specific needs of organizers. Great data engineering can diminish the need for repetitive data entry tasks organizers previously completed, creating more space for them to organize. A strong partnership between data engineering and organizing can unlock a world of creativity in organizing that we are excited to showcase.


Elyse Weiss


Elyse has worked across the electoral and advocacy space since 2012. She started her political data career on the 2012 Obama campaign with the Ohio data team, and then served as the Data Director for the 2014 Coordinated Campaign in North Carolina. After two campaign cycles, Elyse joined Civis Analytics where she worked with global nonprofits and government agencies, in addition to supporting the DLCC and DSCC’s targeting efforts in 2016. Elyse joined TMC at its founding, launching the Data & Technology Strategy department and moving up to lead the Technology Constellation as CTO. When she’s not at her desk, you can find her on the couch enjoying the worst reality television has to offer.


Amity Foster

Amity Foster is the Data Manager at ISAIAH, a multi-faith, multi-racial statewide coalition of leaders fighting for racial, economic and social justice, and for Faith in Minnesota; our sister c4 and a political home for people who want to create people-centered politics, grounded in abundance and not scarcity. She started out as an executive assistant at ISAIAH, then a leader in criminal justice organizing, and started to get clear that the institutions we all move in can either bring more people into democracy, or continue to keep people out. She believes that we build power and make systemic change when people claim their own agency and voice, and move together, with shared values and agendas. Grassroots data helps us tell the story of that power, through leadership development and basebuilding, and she is interested in tracking that growth, in a systemic way-of leaders in their own networks and bases and how that connects back to grassroots organizations and builds power for the organization AND individual.

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Nate White

I wear a lot of hats. I’m a non-profit executive, technologist, team-builder and coder who loves to use data to WIN! I lead a team of awesome techies and digital strategists at MomsRising. My family owns and operates an independent bookstore and toy store in Northfield, MN, and I can often be found there with my three kids on the weekend playing with a yo-yo or browsing for my next sci-fi read.