Data Storytelling: Building Your Messages with Data

Data Storytelling: Building Your Messages with Data

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Communications

Starts: Friday, Jul. 14 1:30 PM (Central)

Ends: Friday, Jul. 14 2:30 PM (Central)

Room: Williford C

What if you could use your data to better inform your creative campaigns? Content is most impactful when its strategy is built around a deep understanding of your audience. But, outreach strategy teams often struggle to plan around this complete picture and never fully realize the potential of their comms. Many communications professionals have an understanding of how to measure content performance with data but not necessarily how to leverage data in the development of their message. During this workshop, we’ll explore how teams plan audience experiences, and how to use marketing tools to maximize engagement. We’ll dive into use cases and how systems integrations can support those goals and leverage advanced capabilities like automation.