Women and Other Targeted Groups Safety & Security Master Class

Women and Other Targeted Groups Safety & Security Master Class

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Tech/Digital Security

Starts: Thursday, Oct. 7 2:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Oct. 7 3:15 PM (Eastern)

Join us for a safety and security masterclass on the latest tools and resources for a safe and impactful presence on Facebook and Instagram. We will cover an overview of our community standards that are meant to help keep you and your communities safe and discuss safety tips and tools built for government officials and public figures and features to protect women and other targeted groups against online harassment. We’ll also go over our updated comment management tools; how to report abusive behavior toward you, fellow staff, or a principle; and our #SheLeads guide, which aims to equip women leaders with the tools they need to use Facebook effectively and safely. We recognize how important it is for Facebook to be a place where people feel empowered to communicate, and we take our role seriously in keeping abuse off our platforms.


Tracy Rohrbach


Tracy Rohrbach works on Facebook’s Politics and Government Outreach team where she focuses on helping state officials in the Midwest use Facebook and its family of apps to optimize their online presence. Prior to Facebook, Tracy spent ten years working for campaigns, consulting firms, and advocacy non-profits in the digital marketing and communications departments.