I Can’t Believe They Did That! Anti Harassment & Conflict Resolution Strategies

I Can’t Believe They Did That! Anti Harassment & Conflict Resolution Strategies

Session Type(s): Professional Development Training

Training Tag(s): Operations

Starts: Wednesday, Oct. 20 6:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Wednesday, Oct. 20 7:30 PM (Eastern)

Harassment and toxic behavior in a group setting is challenging to anyone’s conflict management skills. In the progressive movement, the challenge is pronounced as the behavior is unexpected, so the management skills are underdeveloped. Progressives are encouraged to “call people in” to deal with differences productively — yet we seldom know how to do that, so we risk leaving conflicts unresolved and seeding a toxic environment. It’s seldom taught, but here’s your chance to learn to manage and resolve conflict. We’ll help you understand your own conflict management approach, the tools available to manage different types of conflict, and how to engage in the difficult conversations required to work through conflict effectively.


Ana Avendaño

Ana is a lifelong worker advocate with a special focus on sexual harassment, as well as immigrant workers. She is a labor lawyer, advocate, law professor, and restorative justice facilitator. Ana helps organizations create cultures where passion and creativity thrive and bullies do not through education, conflict management and facilitated dialogues.

Paula Brantner


Paula as the president and principal of PB Works Solutions builds harassment and toxic workplace prevention systems that reflect your values and transform your culture. She works with nonprofits, small businesses, unions and political organizations on training, reporting and policy development to ensure objective reporting and a harassment-free environment. As the National Harassment Grievance Officer for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), she is building a nationwide harassment reporting and grievance program that is the first of its kind for a national political organization. Paula recently wrapped up 18 years (including eight as executive director) with Workplace Fairness, a legal nonprofit that educates workers about their legal rights in the workplace, primarily through the award-winning website www.workplacefairness.org. An employment lawyer for over 25 years, Paula has degrees from UC-Hastings College of the Law and Michigan State University’s James Madison College. She volunteers at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, travels around the world to see pandas, and can’t wait for NN’s karaoke night and the Chairman’s Pub Quiz.

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