GOP Racist Attack Ads Are Coming (Again): How to Track and Respond

GOP Racist Attack Ads Are Coming (Again): How to Track and Respond

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Starts: Saturday, Oct. 9 2:15 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Oct. 9 3:15 PM (Eastern)

Since 2017, Republicans at all levels have made attacks on immigrants a key message in their campaigns. Those efforts have backfired but immigration was the tip of the spear. These attacks not only continue, they’ve expanded their ugly messaging to include race and lgbtq issues. We’ll present solid and extensive research on the GOP ads and advice on what works in response.


Beatriz Lopez

Beatriz Lopez is the Immigration Hub’s Chief Political and Communications Officer. She develops and implements messaging and digital strategies on immigration policies to drive a progressive narrative, engage the electorate, and assist campaigns and organizations across the country in their rapid response operations.

Previously, she was the Managing Director of Communications for the Center for American Progress (CAP) Action Fund. Prior to her time at CAP, Beatriz was the Assistant Communications Director for the Service Employees International Union’s (SEIU) immigration and Latino vote program, where she played an integral role in launching a new, innovative digital model for the union, called iAmerica and iAmerica Action, to galvanize key voters of color and educate immigrant communities on fundamental policies. Formerly, she led the Latino and labor outreach efforts for the Florida Association of Planned Parenthood and Public Citizen, respectively. Beatriz is a graduate of Pace University and former Peace Corps (El Salvador) volunteer and trainer.

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Zachary Mueller

Zachary Mueller is America’s Voice Political Director. Zachary manages – a searchable database of racist and xenophobic dog-whistle ads. He also writes for the blog and creates video content to educate about important immigration topics, uplift the work of immigrants’ rights groups on the ground across the country, and shine a spotlight on anti-immigrant politicians and organizations.

Prior to joining America’s Voice, Zachary was a political organizer in the Kansas City area where he is based. He wrote an intensive report on the anti-immigrant zealot Kris Kobach, wrote and researched far-right organizing in Kansas and Missouri, and was a union organizer and worked on the Fight for $15 campaign. Zachary earned a Bachelors degree and a Certificate of Labor Studies from the University of Missouri Kansas City.

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