Unpacking Bias and Depolarizing Race and Class

Unpacking Bias and Depolarizing Race and Class

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Operations

Without blaming and shaming, we’ll work in small groups to realize how we demonstrate bias and examine the ways in which bias can negatively impact the decisions we make. Developed to examine the bias between law enforcement and community, this model has been used in tense and polarized environments with great success. It opens communication and helps to propose problems. We will analyze and discuss participant experiences and collectively examine situational examples. Join us and be open to unlearning judgements and thoughts about others you may not know you hold.


Mira Weinstein

Mira is an organizing and political strategy consultant with a thirty-year history in campaigns. She’s directed successful organizing and mobilization campaigns with feminist activists, union members, teachers and gun violence prevention activists. She’s also directed regional field operations for two statewide ballot measures and many candidate campaigns.

She designed and facilitated training programs for each campaign, ranging from a week-long deep dive into organizing tactics to short 15 minute drills to help canvassers move undecided voters.

Mira conceives of campaigns and training through the lenses of diversity, equity and inclusion, recognizing the wide variety of experiences that organizers and activists bring to the work. Her guiding principle is that we learn oppression and must actively work to unlearn and dismantle it.