How to Launch a Campaign that Pops on Day One

How to Launch a Campaign that Pops on Day One

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Basic Online Organizing

Starts: Friday, Aug. 14 4:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Aug. 14 4:50 PM (Eastern)

A grassroots campaign can’t afford failing to capitalize during its launch moment. Often, it’s one of the only moments of outsized attention you get. If coordinating your digital launch wasn’t already hard enough, the challenge is only getting worse as the Facebooks and Googles of the world scramble to revise their rules for political organizations. New restrictions and approval delays threaten to take the wind out of your sails before you even hit the open ocean. This training will walk you through the workarounds and preparation that can be done to ensure your campaigns make the most of Day One, and how to avoid the traps and pitfalls that lurk in this new digital environment.


Avery Lord

Avery Lord leads a team of badass digital technology strategists who bring our client’s programs to life through email, social media and digital advertising. She enjoys learning new platforms and digging deep into her clients’ digital programs to create insightful reporting that surfaces strategic insights and lays the groundwork for future success.

Prior to joining Do Big Things, Avery spent five years at Voto Latino, a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing voter participation in the Latino community. As Voto Latino’s Civic Technology Manager, she led digital communications and reporting for the organization’s email, SMS and online voter registration programs.

Originally from Canton, Connecticut, Avery graduated from North Carolina’s Wake Forest University where she majored in Political Science. She currently resides in Chicago, IL. She is passionate about voting rights, national parks, soccer and her dog, Dempsey.

Janani Sreenivasan


Janani Sreenivasan helps campaigns tell their stories and energize their audiences across a wide range of digital platforms. She came to this work from the worlds of sketch comedy, improv, and filmmaking, getting her feet wet as an email strategist on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign (not those emails). Having lost her sense of humor on November 9, 2016, she began rebuilding it by working with 270 Strategies and, now, with Do Big Things. Specific interests include messaging for red-to-blue races, refining the voices of millennial candidates, and telling stories centered on immigration and naturalization issues.

Janani holds an M.F.A. in nonfiction writing from the University of Iowa, has presented two short comedies in film festivals, and has mocked #45 in The New Yorker. She is also a theatre director, actor, and composer.

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