How Stories Can Change Minds: Going Beyond “Me, Us, and Now”

How Stories Can Change Minds: Going Beyond “Me, Us, and Now”

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Storytelling is a powerful tool in advocacy and organizing. You don’t overturn systems of power by spewing facts and figures alone. But do you know how these stories can change minds or move people? In this session, we’ll train you on how to tell powerful, persuasive stories. We’ll go over the science of story-telling and analyze some of the most persuasive storytellers in politics so that you have the tools to tell better stories in your own work.


Arshad Hasan


Arshad Hasan is a long serving member of Netroots Nation’s Board of Directors and served as the immediate past Chair of the Board.

Over his career as a non-profit executive, Arshad has lead some of the progressive movement’s most high-impact political organizations such as Democracy For America and Progress Now. He now works with organizations with organizations on strategy and with coalitions coordinating around shared goals.

Arshad just launched a new firm, Convey Communications, which works with rising leaders – especially women, people of color, and queer folks – on their public communications skills.

Vicki Roush

Vicki Roush

Vicki brings a lifetime of musical theatre discipline, and the better part of a lifetime in radio, TV, music performance, and special events moderating and commentary to the training table.

Under the guidance of one of the nation’s top trainers, Joel Silberman, Roush combines the knowledge and skills of her mentor with her own vibrant energy and talents to help you be the very best at delivering your important message.

This week at Netroots Nation, Vicki and Arshad Hasan roll out their new business partnership: Convey Communications. It’s exciting!

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