Film Screening: And She Could Be Next

Film Screening: And She Could Be Next

Starts: Wednesday, Aug. 12 7:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Wednesday, Aug. 12 9:00 PM (Eastern)

And She Could Be Next, directed by Grace Lee and Marjan Safinia, tells the story of a defiant movement of women of color, transforming politics from the ground up. The series follows candidates and organizers across the country, asking whether democracy itself can be preserved—and made stronger—by those most marginalized. The series features history-makers including Rashida Tlaib and Stacey Abrams.

Join us for a screening of “Episode Two: Claiming Power,” which takes us to the weeks leading up to election day and focuses on how organizers combat voter suppression in their own communities. At the heart of the episode is a growing multi-ethnic coalition in Georgia, a state with a rich history of civil rights organizing and poised to be a “majority minority” state as early as 2025. In addition to the New Georgia Project, groups like Mijente and Asians for Abrams put boots on the ground to address language barriers, poll purges and “exact match” laws that impact thousands of voters across the state. As results roll in, there is celebration for some and disappointment for others– but for these community organizers, the work does not stop when the polls close. Through it all, these women present a collective vision of political power that is rooted in care, dignity and joy, and remind us that there is an organizer in all of us.

After the screening, join the filmmakers for a conversation about the political power of the New American majority.

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