Unifying our Story: Lessons on Creating and Implementing a Race-Class Narrative

Unifying our Story: Lessons on Creating and Implementing a Race-Class Narrative

Session Type(s): Training

Starts: Saturday, Aug. 4 3:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Aug. 4 4:15 PM (Eastern)

A robust conversation about race is critical to converting the aspiration of a New American Majority into an energized and cohesive force. For the last year, Demos, Anat Shenker-Osorio (ASO Communications), and Ian Haney López (author of Dog Whistle Politics) partnered in an ambitious multi-phase project to craft an effective new narrative on race, class, and democracy. The central question we’ve explored is how to engage simultaneously around race and class in ways that strengthen social solidarity, reduce division and scapegoating, and create a viable foundation for progressive policy victories. We’ve crafted, empirically validated, and field-tested a range of narratives, and compared these to existing frames. Join us to hear our key takeaways, how state partners are integrating the research findings in their campaigns and organizing efforts, and help inform our plan to refine what we learned and win in 2020.


Anika Fassia

Anika joined the Demos team in November 2017 as the Project Manager of the Race Class Narrative Project. Anika comes to Demos with a wealth of experience in narrative building and how to talk about race and the public sector. Anika has worked at the local, state and national level as a policy analyst, communication strategist and trainer since 2008. She has worked with hundreds of advocates, elected officials, students and community organizers to advance the role of the public sector in racial justice. Anika has her MSW from the University of Michigan and in her commitment to remain grounded and connected to service delivery in her policy advocacy work, Anika completed her nursing degree in 2016 and is also trained as a Pediatric ICU and home health nurse.

Alexa Howart

Alexa is the Lead Statewide Organizer for ISAIAH & Faith in Minnesota where she focuses on building multi-racial leadership teams in faith communities in small towns across Minnesota. Her primary areas of expertise and interest are around caregiving, paid leave policies and health care. Alexa has a Masters of Public Policy from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Her early career was in journalism, and she worked in public health and community engagement in rural Indonesia on a Fulbright Fellowship.