Coping Strategies for Overwhelmed Activists

Coping Strategies for Overwhelmed Activists

Starts: Saturday, Aug. 12 9:00 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Aug. 12 10:15 AM (Eastern)

So you want to keep doing your part, but you’re exhausted? That’s exactly what Trump’s administration wants you to feel—overwhelmed, hopeless, and ready to give up. This workshop will give you the self-care tools you need to stay grounded, stay focused, and stay in the fight.

Then sign up for a 1:1 private session. These are designed for getting quick insight, new perspectives, and/or a helpful tool to assist with fear, anxiety, etc. This no BS approach, countered with a hefty dose of compassion, creates space for you to feel seen and understood while dealing with your issues.

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