Coding as Activism: How to Write Apps with NGP and VAN

Coding as Activism: How to Write Apps with NGP and VAN

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Advanced Digital Organizing

Starts: Thursday, Aug. 10 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Aug. 10 2:15 PM (Eastern)

NGP and VAN are widely used by tens of thousands of Democratic candidates, progressive organizations, and labor unions. Both apps have robust APIs, making it easy to develop new apps to engage voters and raise money. Whether you’re writing an entire application; you have a website and would like to integrate your form; or you just want to automate some repetitive task, these APIs help you write code with impact. Join us for a quick summary of available APIs; a training which shows you how to build a simple, three-form application; and a look at the API roadmap. We’ll wrap up with a quick Q&A session.

This session is targeted at activists with some degree of technical knowledge. It’s best suited to software developers or front-end developers who know what an API or a Javascript app is, although detailed knowledge of these topics is not necessary.


Sandy Gani


Sandy Gani is the Application Architect for NGP Classic at NGP VAN. She resides in Washington, DC with her husband, Cooper, and her 2 handsome cats, Humphrey and Oscar. Sandy is pro-Oxford comma.

Shai Sachs

Shai Sachs

As the Innovation Platform Director at NGP VAN, Shai Sachs works with progressives every day to build innovative new tools. He loves progressive causes, great code, and zany experiments in the kitchen – more or less in that order.