Chewbacca Mom Takeover: The Future of Online Organizing

Chewbacca Mom Takeover: The Future of Online Organizing

Session Type(s): Training

Training Tag(s): Advanced Online Organizing

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 16 4:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 16 5:15 PM (Eastern)

There is power in everyday people being able to take over the Internet with their joy, their pain and their authentic lives. Facebook Live launched in April and, one month later, Chewbacca Mom broke the Internet with more than 33 million views. Social media challenges us to change, stay connected and engage. How do we support individuals, moms and movements being led by communities of color breaking the news all around us? What new tools are coming online? What do we need to build or be funded? What techniques will or won’t continue to work in offline-to-online movement building and awareness/action campaigns? This training session will answer these questions and more.


Hemly Ordonez

Hemly Ordonez

Hemly specializes in working with non-profits across the US and around the world to bridge emerging technologies to challenge inequality and positively impact local communities. She has led engagement strategies that center communities of color and low income communities to meet them at the intersections of their lives both online and offline for over 10 years.

Prior to joining Fission, Hemly was the State Strategies Manager at Advocates for Youth. She worked with local, state-based, and national organizations mobilizing the rising American electorate across digital platforms to advocate for cultural and policy changes that improve and value young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Hemly is originally from Carson, California and proudly represents South Los Angeles in the fight for health, dignity, and justice.

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