Opening Keynote

Opening Keynote

Session Type(s): Plenary

Starts: Thursday, Jul. 16 9:00 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Thursday, Jul. 16 11:00 PM (Eastern)

We’ll kick off the opening keynote for our 10th annual conference with stories of courage from some of the leading activists in Arizona. We’ll uncover some of the most unjust practices in our immigration system and elevate the voices of local activists fighting for their families and communities. Many of the issues they face—racial profiling, police brutality and more—have deep roots in communities of color across our country. You’ll hear from top organizers in those communities as well, in addition to Rep. Donna Edwards and many more.

Scroll down for full video of the session, video clips, and a recap of the session as told by the Netroots Nation community.

Here’s the full video of the keynote:

Clips from the keynote:

The Desert – Petra Falcon and Alfredo Gutierrez

Unafraid – Erika Andiola

Streamline – Isabel Garcia

Detention – Marisa Franco

Ashley Yates

Rep. Donna Edwards

Here’s a recap of the session, as told by the Netroots Nation community: