Hunger First: The Importance of Food Security in Detroit, and Why We’re so Hungry (for Change)

Hunger First: The Importance of Food Security in Detroit, and Why We’re so Hungry (for Change)

Session Type(s): Panel

Starts: Friday, Jul. 18 11:00 AM (Eastern)

Ends: Friday, Jul. 18 12:15 PM (Eastern)

Detroit natives can easily point to any number of challenges to food security in their community. Whether it’s the lack of fresh and affordable options or the insidious targeting of our kids by fast food outfits, the “healthy meal” is under attack. This problem isn’t unique to Detroit: these are problems facing communities of color and children across the country. Join us to explore the importance of—and threats to—food security in Detroit and lessons we can apply to broader campaigns around food justice. This panel will tell stories you’ll remember, offer lessons you can use in your work, and further weave us together as a community of food activists.


Dream Hampton


Dream Hampton is a cultural critic. She’s been published in a wide variety of magazines, newspapers and anthologies since 1990. She’s an award winning filmmaker and a Senior Fellow with Moms Rising.


Tepfirah Rushdan

Tepfirah Rushdan has worked with The Greening of Detroit  in varying capacities ranging from developing conservation skills in youth to vacant land remediation and is currently working as coordinator within the Urban Garden Development and Support team.  A native Detroiter and long time community activist, she currently operates Sowin’ Seeds community garden on the cities lower eastside.  Other notable projects include helping to complete the Detroit Residential Parcel Survey in 2009, which helped to map the vacant land in Detroit and make this information available to community members and also serving as facilitator for the Undoing Racism in The Food System Initiative in Detroit.  Her leading achievement by far though, has been in her role as mother raising her three children. 

Kadiri Sennefer

Kadiri Sennefer also known as Dirty D Town Farm Handz is also a Hip Hop artist by the name of S.I.R.I.U.S. (Savior Is Really In (U)niversal Self), Who is known for the Food Anthem Bootleg Food. Kadiri has been a member of Detroit Black Community Food Security Network for 5 years. Starting as a volunteer, Kadiri showed himself to be responsible, accountable and passionate about the work of Urban Agriculture. He now serves as Compost Operation Manager. A large scale operation he developed in Growing Power’s 2011 Commercial Urban Agricultural Program. Kadiri also serves as part of the leadership of the D-Town Farm Operation Committee.  Kadiri Sennefer is a 2010 Urban Roots graduate, and served as Youth Program Facilitator for Earthworks youth program Youth Farm Stand and Growing Healthy Kids 2010-11. He now serves as Site Coordinator for Food Warriors Program.  A youth program based at Nsoroma Institute, Timbuktu Academy and the Shrine of the Black Madonna thru CHIRP. Kadiri Sennefer has a lived experience growing up in Detroit and is giving back to the community thru his natural gifts and skills he has developed and shares.