Closing Keynote: Ignite @ Netroots Nation

Closing Keynote: Ignite @ Netroots Nation

Session Type(s): Plenary

Starts: Saturday, Jul. 19 4:30 PM (Eastern)

Ends: Saturday, Jul. 19 6:30 PM (Eastern)

We’ll hosting the second annual Ignite @ Netroots Nation to close the weekend with an engaging, fast-paced keynote that will inspire and entertain.

Using the Ignite format, each speaker will be given 5 minutes to talk, while 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds are shown on the screen.

One of the best parts about Netroots Nation is hearing the unique experiences and personal stories of fellow organizers, activists and thought leaders in the movement. That’s why we’re once again closing out the conference this year with Ignite, a full plenary session focusing on those stories. The keynote will feature short presentations that are thought-provoking, inspiring, engaging and sometimes funny.

Over the course of the program you’ll hear from Deepak Bhargava, Mansur Gidfar, Sara Haghdoosti, Feminista Jones, Christopher Massicotte, Zerlina Maxwell, Jess Morales, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Leanne Pittsford, Rinku Sen, Anat Shenker-Osorio, Amy Lynn Smith and Lauren Windsor, plus host Lizz Winstead.